3 years ago

Hujan Asset Management entering negotiations to buy Ayla & Associates application businesses

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Ayla & Associates is a leading Indonesian advisory firm with an ultra high net worth international network, and is also a right hand partner company of Hujan Asset Management. Ayla & Associates participated in the GCC funding agreement closing deal of $36 billion for Hujan Asset Management and has brought tremendous opportunities not just to Indonesia but also to the entire network of Ayla & Associates.

Ayla & Associates has been developing a mobile super app in collaboration with its international partner network and just recently in 2021 the app has been published and is available for download. The super app is a merged concept of top Ayla & Associates partner companies providing services which are put together under one single app. Ayla & Associates mobile super app is like an aggregator app connecting all businesses into one platform.

As one of the primary investment subjects of Hujan Asset Management, technology sector is one of them and Hujan Asset Management is now negotiating with Ayla & Associates for the super app purchase.

Ayla & Associates has been developing the super app for sometime and its original plan was not a quick sale of the app but instead to acquire a large user database. Ayla & Associates current network reaches over 3 million users which makes the super app extremely valuable and worthy to investors. However, Hujan Asset Management does bring a lot of new values to Ayla & Associates and this could be an extremely beneficial merger or a sale of the super app for both parties.

Hujan Asset Management is investing in Indonesian technology and not just infrastructure. Emerging markets is the main priority to fund because the number of potential users and inhabitants in the regions is higher than 1st world countries and upon growth, emerging markets have more power of return of investment than anywhere else in the world.

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