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Hujan Asset Management focuses on 6 investment categories: health, technology, infrastructure, real estate, education and SME development

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Hujan Asset Management, a private asset management firm that recently closed a funding agreement of $36B has plans to invest largely into six leading industries worldwide including health sector, technology, infrastructure, real estate, education and SME development.

During COVID, the importance of health has increased tremendously and so is the health market. Earlier, pharmaceutical projects have been facing difficulties in funding because of high risk and long awaited returns. However, new development strategies were forming during COVID. Considering the vaccine was developed in just under a year and has got an FDA approval. By investing into the health industry including pharmaceuticals, traditional medical and med-tech, Hujan Asset Management seeks to secure its market share in global health markets to obtain a solid profitable share of it.

Technology sector has always been a developing and constantly innovating sector. In recent years new things came up such as crypto, blockchain, NFTs, VR, AI and many others. These technologies are certain to dominate future markets and Hujan Asset Management wants to be on top of that.

Infrastructure is not something as exciting as tech but is as important as life can be. Transportation and mobility is essential to daily life and it is all about sustainability. Being able to create sustainability and economic growth, Hujan Asset Management creates a special business model where constant and risk free returns are generated to the shareholders and outside investors.

Real estate can be traditional as in residential units and modern as in awesome and cool skyscrapers. Hujan Asset Management covers both sectors to provide affordable solutions and the exquisite ones.

Education is number one what is being taught and put to us since the very beginning when we are born. Education market has been growing and has finally been taken seriously enough to get hold of large investors such as Hujan Asset Management. Education has been disrupted with online tech solutions like coursera. Hujan Asset Management sees education as an absolute necessity to improve and be in the front of.

SME development is a critical entrepreneurial aspect. All great companies started as startups and were SMEs at some stage of their life cycle. Investing in global SMEs are as important as investing in infrastructure. SMEs are the life creators of new ideas, new projects, new developments, new innovations and everything that surrounds us was at a certain level created and innovated by SMEs. Hujan Asset Management values SMEs and continues to invest in SMEs further.

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