The World Women Leading Change empowerment movement has been going for a few years now, originally initiated and managed by Ayla & Associates. World Women Leading Change originally started a long time ago to recognize women in power by bringing women to senior positions and awarding them for good work and also inspiring all the women from around the world, and most importantly inspiring women entrepreneurs.

WWLC supports women entrepreneurs and organizing worldwide events and conferences, and also meetings in mega cities and beyond to gather ideas, initiate partnerships and start business. WWLC is a social initiative to support women to accomplish greater things and be equal in the local and international communities.

During COVID WWLC has made a strong impact worldwide by arranging daily meetings on Zoom and supporting women entrepreneurs and business initiators who really try to achieve greatness in the world during especially tough times.

Hujan Asset Management respects entrepreneurs and it respects Ayla & Associates, and is now sponsoring the WWLC global movement. Hujan Asset Management follows corporate responsibilities and governance standards and models. Giving back to the community is one of the top priorities. Supporting entrepreneurs and helping ideas come to life is very important; as Hujan Asset Management would not have been created in the first place if it weren’t for entrepreneurs and large ideas created by people.

Everybody has ideas, and everybody has dreams. Achieving that can be hard, especially for women. WWLC is supporting the achievements for women and supporting women to achieve more and Hujan Asset Management stands by this movement one hundred percent.

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