In the recent discovery it was found that, Bridge Global Logistics,, has been manipulating and modifying client documents on behalf of the clients without noticing them, and using the documents for their own personal gain in international trade deals.

Bridge Global Logistics has been also using client documents and their names to gain trade deal advantage and use fraudulent methods to get products such as metals and petroleum assigned to their name and then disappear.

There has been numerous reports online about this company being a serial debtor in Egypt. Their CEO Radwa Nosseir has been modifying documents and putting client signatures on behalf of clients and sending those documents to different companies to secure trade deals.

Bridge Global Logistics is a Egyptian based company and Radwa Nosseir is an Egyptian nationality business woman who was discovered to con international companies in trade deals and also loan businesses.

It is highly recommended to be careful when dealing with Bridge Global Logistics or even better avoid dealing with this company as many have suffered losses and huge damages in dealing with Bridge Global Logistics.

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