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Prince Omoha: 8 things to Know About the Young Entrepreneur Impacting Nigeria Economy.

In recents, a prominent Nigerian Newspaper Guardians released a reports edition on Nigerians business tycoons contributing to the country over 200 million population Gross Domestic Product in 2021, with the tag titled “Special Focus on 50 Most Impactful and Award Winnings CEO’s that contributed to Nigeria GDP Growth in 2021. Nigeria remains a leading emerging Economy market in Africa and remains the largest Economy in the continent.

Among the 50 listed CEO’s is the youngest and most vibrant entrepreneur Omoha John Nduka, he has created a brand niche within the Nigeria real estate industry and has been getting accolades across the Nigeria young teeming entrepreneur communities, National media’s, mixed with the internet buzz of his prowess achievements at such a young age, by setting a pace for aspiring entrepreneurs in the country with nation building impacts and influence. WashingtonMorning started with taking a deep findings through research over his unique profile and rising business empire.

Who is Prince Omoha

1. Prince Omoha John Nduka well known as (Prince Omoha) was born on September 3rd, 1995. He is a Nigerian Real Estate Investor, Serial Entrepreneur and Philanthropist.

2. He is an alumnus of Ebonyi State University, where he studied Political Science.

3. Prince Omoha is the Founder and CEO of Prince Luxury Group (PLG) , a Nigerian privately owned conglomerate investment company, committed to changing lives and developing Nigeria, Africa and the World with interest in various sectors of the key economy. He Founded the company (PLG) in 2015 as a private limited liability company, and since then the company have expanded into a group of fully fledged diversified business sectors, including and not limited to real estates, logistics, constructions, agribusiness and stocks investments. The company presently operates in two countries, Nigeria and Hong Kong with its headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria.

4. Prince Omoha is the Chairman of fastest growing Nigeria Luxury Real Estate firm, PLG Properties Limited. Prince luxury real estate Limited and PLG construction Limited, they are subsidiaries of Prince luxury Group.

5. PLG Properties Limited operates as the lead brand for Prince Luxury Group and remains one of the leading luxury real-estate company in Nigeria, known for developing luxurious modern residentials, commercials and architectural buildings.

6. He also chairs one of the leading fast rising Hong Kong logistics company GOGOX which was diversified and incorporated in Nigeria as GOGO Express Limited. GOGOX Nigeria is a share ride logistics services which focuses on providing extensive logistics services, transportation of freight and goods in urban areas and other delivery services through innovative modern technology.

7. And also the Chairman and CEO of PLG Stock Investments Limited, a firm owned by Prince Luxury Group that focus on Nigeria, China and U.S.A stocks trading and investments, and also creating resource based added value in Nigeria and African continent through reinvestment.

8. Prince Omoha remains one of the young prominent champions of entrepreneurship in Africa through its Conglomerate Company. In 2018, he founded The Prince Omoha Foundation (POF) , a pan-African philanthropic organisation, which currently empowers 72 young men and women entrepreneurs across 36 states in Nigeria with a non-refundable seed capital of 250,000 naira per participant annually and hoping to extend to 100 entrepreneurs extensively in 2022, conforming with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal Agenda 2030, as well as the POF Corporate Social Responsibility.

Omoha Business Philosophy and Philanthropy Impacts

Since the launched, the POF (Prince Omoha Foundation ) popularly called, has been funding young men and women entrepreneurs and equipped them with creative ecosystems for commitment and implementation.

The Prince Omoha Foundation is increasingly sharing its unique prosperity and ability to identify, mentor, train, and fund young entrepreneurs across Nigeria and Africa. Prince Omoha businesses and Foundation are inspired by his economic philosophy of Pan Africanism Investment, which positions the private sector, and most importantly entrepreneurs, as the bridge catalyst and economy pilots for the social and economic development of the African continent.

Prince Omoha Nduka John is a multiple awards winner both local and on international scale, including and not limited to Real Estate Entrepreneur of the Year (2018) Real Estate Investor of the Year (2019) in recognition of his business leadership and philanthropic activities, Nigerian Youngest Philanthropist Of The Year (2020) , a recipient of Distinguished Fellow Honour Of The Year (Ghana Hall Of Fame) 2021. The African Young Entrepreneur and Humanitarian Personality Award. (AVA) (2021)

A nominee of Forbes Africa 30 Under 30 Class of 2021 and 2022.

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