Anna Stukkert and International Investment Congress are investing in Fashion Industry. 

Anna Stukkert, organizer and CEO of International Investment Congress, is in constant search of high-yield sectors to invest in. One of the new and very promising sectors for the International Investment Congress is the fashion industry.

In order to provide a greater outlook on this industry and it’s opportunities for investors International Investment Congress partnered with Liliya Tippetts, a renowned expert in art advisory, capital raising business advisory for investment funds and individual projects, premium property investments in Monaco, Cote d’Azur, and luxury lifestyle management services for individual clients. 

To most people, Liliya Tippetts is an international entrepreneur who is a welcome guest at the world’s most desired events and high-profile business gatherings. In this role, she shares her expertise in art and business with a global audience. Her following is large and diverse, from royals and billionaires to those who simply aspire to settle in the Principality of Monaco.

But there’s another side to Liliya Tippetts that is more discreet. In this role, she is a marketing consultant for companies that target Ultra High Net Worth consumers – the 2 percent of the population that controls half of the world’s wealth. Through her company, ArteLia Consultancy, she provides a range of services that include art advisory, strategic planning, and media positioning.

“My unique niche is reaching the world’s wealthiest demographic,” she says of her work as a luxury marketing consultant. “My clients are luxury brands that have products and services to sell that require a certain level of wealth to purchase them.”

In 2020 Liliya was appointed a Vice president for 1st World Eco-luxury magazine MoralModa and was awarded in Middle East for her achievments in international media. In 2021 She has also co-founded eco-luxury fashion label Marli Dresses (Monaco/London) which is worn by celebrities like Victoria Silvstedt, Lana Scolaro, Audrey Bouette to name a few.

Liliya Tippetts will be a new speaker on the Davos International Conference in May 2022 featuring alternative investments. She will present investment opportunities in fashion industry. Her solid success experience in the industry paired with her insightful vision will certainly make her presentation worth attending.  

Anna Stukkert and International Investment Congress are very proud of this upcoming Davos International Conference: « My goal is to discover new profitable opportunities for investors and bring together outstanding people to facilitate new ambitious projects. » 

+49 162 2328333

Anna Stukkert style: celebrity stylist Maria Reiswich


Instagram: maria_reiswich

* Photo: Natalia Gurevich  IG: @belka_foto

Look by: Visage — Ekaterina Petrova

Liliya Tippetts

IG @marlidresses



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