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My Journey from Delhi to Dubai, Banker to Blogger, and Author to Authorpreneur…!!!

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Well, I was born & brought up in Delhi & love the city for its monuments, food, vibe & most importantly as my family and friends live there.

My father was in the service sector and my mother enjoyed being a homemaker & both always spoke fondly about my academic achievements & laurels.

I was a shy & introverted child, with big dreams & aspirations. I got married early and before the age of 29 became mother of 3 lovely kids. I moved to Dubai in 2008, after my husband started working in a reputed bank in Dubai, UAE.

Initially, I did jobs in IT, Banking, Marketing, Wellness, Media & Educational sector, but my passion always lied in writing, public speaking, wellness, media & events – prior to my move to UAE, I worked in India with Citibank NA, Bank of America, HSBC, Educational Academies, etc.

As we all know, life is full of challenges, I wasn’t excluded from this, after my move to Dubai, I had to take a short sabbatical to concentrate on my kids and family life, but I never gave up on my dreams and continued to forge ahead like a fighter. I joined a wellness & healthcare company & later many schools as a Learning Facilitator and continued my search to switch to freelance writing, coaching, training and entrepreneurship.

I have always lived life on my own terms and preferred to be my own boss. Even while being full time mom at one time, I continued seeking my passion and happiness and finally, I found an opportunity to write my books & release them on Kindle & Amazon, publish articles in leading newspapers & magazines, be Writing Coach, Communication Advisor, Editor-in-Chief, Poetess, Motivational speaker,Language Provider, Journalist, Columnist, Presenter, Healer & Authorpreneur. Then I participated in various contests & competitions and won Awards like Best Writer Poetess Award, Best Social Media Blogger Award, Most Inspirational Woman Award, Best Model Award, Top 100 Influencers Award, Changemaker of the year, Travel blogger, Wellness Icon award, etc.

Well, after many years of struggle, finally the time came for me to move to a new chapter in my life and I decided to be an Authorpreneur as I wanted to turn my passion for writing into profit by launching add-ons to my published Books and Anthologies. So I added dimensions to my writer career in terms of coaching, courses, speaking, training and development, etc. I became a risk-taker, go-getter, brave, bold with my career goals & dreams.

Life took a U turn for me & during Covid, I had to take a break and so I decided to open my own YouTube channel-Sonal Shines, Instagram account @sonalbchhibber & Fb page-Sonal Blogs, to share my writing work, poems, views, motivational videos & spread awareness, positivity & develop love for writing & speaking amongst people. You will be amazed – my fan following went up so high and within a year, I started receiving noteworthy work across the globe. Of course, behind this, there was hard work, passion, fighting spirit, sacrifices and sleepless nights.

My insta page is all about my lifestyle, life mantra, my books, writing tips and what/how I feel – it is real and authentic and that’s why my audience feel connected and support my work wholeheartedly.

It was after I won Best Writer Poetess Award, Inspirational Woman Award & Best Influencer Award, that I got into high gear of my passion & future pursuits. I treaded on the path of healing & became certified healer, empath & clairvoyant.

Over the past few years, I have been awarded more than 20 times for my work in the sphere of writing, media, coaching & healing. Not only in UAE, I have been invited as a Jury and International Celebrity Guest in several events held in India at different locations like: Delhi Ncr, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Chandigarh, Lucknow, etc.

I am happy that I’m inspiring many women world-wide & I’m achieving my dreams and moving rapidly forward towards my passion & life mission – I am now well known multi Award-winning Writer, Social Media Manager, Model, Lifestyle & Travel Blogger, Media Influencer, Motivational Speaker, Wellness Icon, & Authorpreneur in Dubai,UAE. Not only my fans, many Bollywood & International celebrities have also appreciated my work & great efforts that I put in while interviewing them as Journalist & writing articles about them & their projects.

With all the above achievements, I want to express my gratitude to my family, kids & In-laws, who have always supported me and my vision & ventures. I believe nothing is easy in life however, if you have grit, determination & support from your family & blessings from the universe, then everything is possible.

Life is full of challenges however, if we take challenges as opportunities to do something new, then it’s worth it!

I advocate all to live life on your own terms & never give up as the future belongs to those who dream big & have faith in themselves. So keep learning and keep growing!

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