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Eddy Nemri Behind A Legendary Story That Led To A Successful Fashion Designer in Dubai

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Eddy Nemri is a Tunisian-Lebanese fashion designer and artistic director.
He was always passionate about showcasing his ideas and expertise, as well as his true passion for designing. The latter is one of the industries that he strived to join very quickly, and it’s also one of the reasons why he became extremely popular in the social media world. His eponymous Business has designed and created some of the most iconicpieces in fashion.

As Eddy Nemri Said: Without the burning desire to carve a niche for yourself in the fashion industry, any plans you make are liable to be lacking a vital ingredient. A passion for fashion and a drive to succeed are arguably the most important elements.

Eddy Nemri

Eddy Nemri sits down with us to share his points of view on the wider industry.

What has inspired to choose fashion design and to pursue it as a career?

I haven’t chosen fashion alone to pursue a career in, I just know I have to be within the creative sector because I’m constantly absorbing inspirational from all around me and developing these images, momentsandexperiences into some kind of design form, maybe clothing or print or something completely different. It’s something I have always had a passion for, and I would feel I would be wasting a lot of potential in my work to not pursue being a fashion designer or something similarly creative.

Since I’m architect I get inspired from architecture.
The fashion and Architecture world is steeped in design parallels. Both concentrate on the idea of constructing upon very different subjects yet prioritize form and occupant comfort.

Is it different for you to dress a celebrity as compared to any other customers?

I think if you create a red-carpet dress, or a wedding dress, or an evening dress, it is for the moment when a man is the center of attention. As a designer, you are there to help.
You are there to create their protection, and at that point there is no distinction between an actor, singer, influencer or any other person. They all have things they love about themselves and things they don’t like about themselves. The main thing is to listen, to be really present and then create something which works for them, as a person.

As well as my line is built for people who wants to express uniqueness, innermost beauty and freedom. If I can quote: “Clothing has always been one of the main ways for an individual to express himself,”

Those who wear my clothing might not know each other, but they recognize each other. And no matter where we are in the world, we are drawn together by a belief in self-expression

What is your favorite part about your job?

My favorite part of being a fashion designer is the process and the journey you go through to get the outcome and be able to style the outcome to communicate the message you started with when gathering your research. Through-out my studies I love I have been able to free with my ideas and projects; the restrictions haven’t affected my creativity.

I have loved being able to work to no rules, being free with my thoughts and processes. I love how individual my ideas are and how personal they are to me, it makes it so much more enjoyable working on your own ideas. And I think the outcome is more effective when it’s come from someone individual interests.
When it comes to materials, what do you prefer to use and has sustainability influenced any of your designs?

I like to mix different fabrics and materials while creating my designs, in order to do that i worked with new fabrics including brocade, chiffon, crepe, crystals and leather mixed together masculine and feminine Silhouette.

Sustainability is such a massive factor you have to consider as a designer defiantly with the worries of waste and the life style our generation is leading. When I approach design, I always think of the way I am working, it’s hard to make everything you do 100% sustainable when you want to translate your creativity to its full potential.

Do you think it is important to come from a creative background to become a fashion designer?

I don’t think it’s important to come from a creative background to be a successful designer no, I don’t think you have to have creative family or live in a creative area. I think you have just got to have a passion for it, an eye for it.
I think everyone is creative in their own way, but it depends if they care enough to use their creativity.
But speaking personally I have been working in the fashion industry for almost 9 years as model and art director and they have been some of the most rewarding years of my life. When I started my brand, I wanted to create something that was more than just a clothing line. I wanted to create a community and fashion religion where everyone could feel completely free to wear whatever they want.

After getting my diploma in architecture I decided to follow my passion so I did intensive courses of fashion designing within an international institute in Dubai.

If you could describe how to be a successful fashion designer during a time where is not easy to shine:

I was always inspired by new and revolutionary ideas that will eventually big a game changing in the industry. Being a fashion designer from a young age is not as easy as it seems to take your name to a next level and be well known, it takes a lot of sleepless nights, hard work and most importantly is the development of the creative mind and with who you surround yourself with.
Dubai has been and still one of the cities that keep inspires me along the way to be who I am focused and willing to be.

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