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By Odera Ochola, Online marketing consultant

With an online business, you want to provide something unique. If someone can go to their local retail or wholesale store and get what you’re selling online, you won’t be very successful. You need to give every person that visits your site a proper reason to buy your products. One of the reasons could be that they may not be able to get what you are selling anywhere else.

One way to achieve this is to sell trending products. This can help ensure that you make money in the long term. You would not like to catch the end of a product’s boom. Instead, try to look for a product growing in popularity.

Make use of Instagram

Since you’re creating an online business, Instagram will be a very important tool for you. Endless brands have been created on the back of Instagram influencer marketing. Instagram is not just a useful tool to grow your online store; it is also an important place to find growing and trending products.

When you’re trying to find a niche, you’ll also easily discover who the influencers are in your niche. As you closely monitor their pages, look for the products they promote most often. Chances are these products are trending or growing and will well inform you about the products, or companies, you can build your business around.

Do what you are passionate about

Before you dive into other tools for determining trending products, it is important to consider your current interest and passion. This will provide you with a good starting point to explore various types of products and markets.

It is important to adequately explore the following questions:

  • What problems do I experience in my day to day life?
  • Which products do I own that I love?
  • What companies am I passionate about?
  • Is there a group of people that I deeply relate to?

Once you answer the questions, the next step is to dive in and create your online store either on Wix or Shopify.

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