It might also travel 50 hours to Proxima Centaury B.

Unicorp Space Nuclear Multiverse WARP fusion reduces the distance between Earth and the Alpha Centaury star to 40 trillion kilometers and the Proxima Centaury red dwarf planet to 50 hours ( Warp 9).

Unicorp Space scientists have developed the first general model for a nuclear multiverse warp engine or a concept for a spacecraft that could travel faster than the speed of light without breaking any physical laws.

The nearest neighboring star to our Sun is Proxima Centauri, a tiny red dwarf around 4.24 light-years (40 trillion kilometers) away.

Even one of the fastest spacecraft ever built, NASA’s interplanetary wanderer New Horizons, would take about 78,000 Earth years to get there at full speed. If we ever hope to visit other areas of our galaxy, we’ll have to move far quicker.

A “nuclear multiverse warp drive,” popularized by the science fiction series “Star Trek,” would stretch the fabric of spacetime to accomplish travel at the speed of light — or maybe faster. But that may be changing today, albeit with significant restrictions.

Unicorp Space scientists recently invented a way to use Pi’s low key exchange in nuclear fusion to drive with warp drive and will publish a paper in the peer-reviewed journal Classical and Quantum Gravity, suggesting that actual nuclear multiverse warp drives could be “constructed based on the physical principles known to humanity today.”

The business is planning to produce spaceships for multiverse nuclear plasma rocket engines quicker than any rockets now in use, utilizing Pi’s law to create a new universe internet for terabyte high-speed internet 2 download.

The prospect of Pi’s law sequence being mathematical evidence of The Law of Conversation of Matter and Energy was considered in the engine study design.

The core vortex generated by Pi’s law key exchange design shut off from the accelerated energy in magnetic nucleus fusion in this Multiverse Nuclear Energy Fusion.

For an energetic structure, the particle accelerates towards the center vortex generated by the quadrilateral particles in the shape of a spiral nucleus design.

Pi’s rule mathematical sequences architectural design will create powerful energy-efficient structures from microscopic diatoms to liquid gas spirals, generating zero gravity energy to meet WARP bubbles in a zero-gravity plane.

The sequence of Pi’s law exists in nature in-universe stuff. The Law of the Conversation of Matter & Energy shows that every continuous symmetry of physical theory has an associated quantity. A conserved quantity is related to every continuous symmetry of a physical theory.

Backbone gravity as a field released in all directions is the zero gravity energy ( electrical property atom).

Quantum vacuum energy is the same as gravitational energy, which is used to power the WARP.

The ability of light as gravitational energy to accelerate and decelerate quantum vacuum and modify energy leads to the paradox of dark matter and dark energy ( dark energy conservation law).

WARP in the universe fabric created a bubble of flat spacetime from the cosmos, curving spacetime around the bubble, and meeting the central vortex of nuclear fusion of atoms producing the highest-energy particles, allowing the spacecraft to travel faster than light using Pi’s law to achieve golden mean or key exchange at 1:1618.

This nuclear multiverse fusion sans warp drive will allow a space rocket to reach Mars in less than 7 days using multiverse fusion and only 20 minutes utilizing WARP drive.

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