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6 Customer Service Tools to Increase Loyalty

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If you want to get your business noticed and build customer loyalty, you must prioritize the customer experience. In today’s highly competitive marketplace, buyers have an increasing number of options, making it more difficult than ever to attract and retain customers. Each year, the average business can lose a large portion of its overall client base simply because it failed to establish solid customer relationships

When it comes to improving the customer experience to increase customer loyalty, there are several factors you must consider. The first step is to examine the infrastructure that you use to analyze consumer behavior, sentiment, and feedback. After establishing such an infrastructure, you can begin focusing on improving customer loyalty.

Today’s retailers need to be equipped with the latest technology to empower their salespeople and engage their customers. To help you out, here is a brief overview of six of the most effective tools for increasing customer loyalty and securing repeat business.

Talon.One for Marketing and Sales Promotions

Talon.One is a powerful promotions engine that helps you to create targeted, customizable, and effective marketing and sales promotions using your customer and session data. With Talon.One, you can track loyalty programs, referrals, coupon codes, discounts, and product bundles in one place.

The platform has over 10,000 loyalty features that allow you to create virtually any type of customer loyalty program for your business and customers. You can personalize promotions using the Campaign Manager UI and have real-time access to any data related to your business using a powerful Application Programming Interface (API).

You can boost customer interaction, grow your brand, and minimize promotional expenses by implementing highly targeted and personalized promotional programs with Talon.One.

Spectoos for Testimonials Curation

Spectoos is ideal for small- to medium-sized businesses with physical locations. It is a robust platform with a suite of widgets that empowers website owners by streamlining the entire process of testimonials curation, maintenance, and display.

When you sign up for Spectoos, you’ll be prompted to submit a request form for verified client testimonials. The software will then generate a customized and SEO-optimized testimonials page for you. Best of all, you can keep track of your customer testimonials using the platform’s automated dashboard

Rankur for Reputation Management

You’ll need to be prepared in the event that one of your customers has a negative experience with your business. Rankur’s suite of reputation management and social media listening tools offers the best way to discover, resolve, and handle customer escalations.

Rankur is an online reputation management program for monitoring, measuring, and managing your brand’s reputation. It tracks mentions of your brand in the news, blog posts, and online reviews to determine how consumers are discussing your business online and on social media.

The tool tracks any mentions of your business or brand and sends you reputation alerts. This way, if your company receives negative feedback, you can immediately address and resolve the issue, retain the customer, and create customer loyalty.

Motivforce for B2B Customer Loyalty

Motivforce is a leading platform for developing business-to-business loyalty and incentive programs. It is the ideal solution for B2B companies looking to launch a customer loyalty program but are uncertain where to begin.

Motivforce’s team does not limit itself to developing and managing B2B loyalty and performance reward programs with a simple software. They employ best practices by regularly researching and evaluating behavioral patterns and their impact on motivation, performance, and, ultimately, customer loyalty. They will plan and design every aspect of your new loyalty program, working closely with you to bring your vision to life.

Once your program is ready to roll out, Motivforce will regularly monitor customer behavior and the success of the sales process. This way, you can continue improving your approach and increase your ROI over time.

Woopra for Customer Journey Analytics

Woopra’s end-to-end customer analytics platform helps businesses increase customer loyalty. The insights you gain through Woopra can help you make educated, data-driven decisions for your business to retain more customers.

Woopra analyzes three primary touchpoints: the customer journey, business trends, and customer retention. This data can help you uncover hidden bottlenecks affecting customer satisfaction and determine where you lose consumers during onboarding.

The program can also help you identify trends that are affecting business performance. With Woopra, you can measure how engaged your customers are and discover opportunities to improve customer retention.

GetFeedback for Customer Experience (CX)

One of the most effective strategies to demonstrate that you truly value your customers is to solicit their feedback on your products or services. Customers serve as your advocates and are often keen to give information that may help you improve your services.

GetFeedback allows you to collect real-time, contextual feedback across all channels, including email, website, SMS, and mobile apps. You can also scale your CX program by automating feedback collection at critical touchpoints throughout the customer journey.

With GetFeedback, you can easily design and send your customers personalized surveys. Not only can you customize surveys with your own branding, but you can also optimize them for desktop and mobile viewing and easy email integration.

Using advanced analytics, you can gain instant insights on how to enhance your customer experience. By carefully listening to your consumers and personalizing each interaction, you can win and build customer loyalty.


Without satisfied customers who continue to purchase from you, your business will not survive. It costs more to acquire new customers who typically don’t spend as much money as loyal, repeat customers. Keep customers coming back with effective customer service tools designed to boost customer loyalty.
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