2 years ago

Why You Should Learn Python

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Most people seeking to begin coding as a hobby, or just looking to start it out in computer programming usually ask these questions:

Which programming language should I learn first?

Which programming language is easier to learn?

Which programming language is currently on demand?

However, there is no specific answer to these questions. Your choice of the first programming language will largely depend on the project you want to work on or the company you desire to work for. For me, I would recommend you start with Python.

Recently, I was put on a type 2 diabetes medication and soon started getting worried about how I would achieve medication adherence with my busy work schedule. With the little knowledge I acquired back in college from an introductory topic in programming, I got interested and started figuring out how to write a program to help me achieve my medication goals. With several resources available on the internet, I got myself busy and started studying and practicing some Python two hours/per day.

I realized Python isn’t just for people looking to have a carrier in data science or programming. Learning Python can be of great help even to people in less data-heavy professions. Small business owners, content marketers, Class teachers, and farm managers can use Python to simplify certain tasks in their lives. Just after a few weeks of trial, I made myself an application that reminds me to take medication or exercise.

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