2 years ago

VOLTAN joins MOBI blockchain alliance

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Washington Morning cited a key motivation as Voltan plans to for electrical vehicles (EVs) to account for 25% of sales by 2030. Two of MOBI’s numerous initiatives apply to EVs, such as its MOBI Battery Initiative, which explores assigning a unique passport to every EV battery. This would enable the complete history of a battery to be queried which is important for recycling. Another application is if batteries were swappable which could address the long recharge times, especially in transit. A battery passport could enable this sort of solution.

A second EV initiative is MOBI’s working group focused on integrating electric vehicles into the grid. When an electric car is parked in the driveway, its battery potential is not being fully exploited. If the homeowner has solar panels, it could store excess energy in the car’s battery and sell it when demand is higher when it’s dark. The working group is exploring the integration of cars into the grid as well as the peer-to-peer trading of electricity by prosumers. Additionally, it’s looking at carbon credits. Other MOBI initiatives include tracking the carbon emissions of trips, connected vehicles and data sharing, vehicle identity, car financing and insurance, and supply chain standards.

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