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Prior to 2015, the use of dynamite fishing destroyed local coral reefs at the Hatamin Island (Indonesia) and strongly disrupted the local food chain.

Dynamite fishing is now illegal, but this fishing technique has been used for a long time since the Second World War.

Without #corals there are no more reefs, and without reefs, we would lose over a quarter of all marine biodiversity.

Furthermore, without marine #biodiversity, local communities are unable to provide for their families through fishing. Indeed, over 550 million people depend on coral reefs directly for their living.

To restore the reef, the Coral Guardian team rebuilt the substrate by transplanting fragments of corals recovered in the area onto solid structures, called #nurseries, to offer them the best possible conditions for development.

They started to work in #Indonesia, but they have now also started working in the mediterranean coast of #Spain, where the peoples´ #culture, #awarenes, and dependance on #fishing helps develop the project internationally.

Coral nursery

As a result of this work over a few years, the team is now collecting fragments from well-grown corals (some corals measure about 40 centimetres already) for new coral #transplants.

Here are some up-to-date figures on the project:

  • more than 53 thousand corals #restored
  • 5 times more fish species in 4 years
  • a marine #protected area of 1.2 hectares
  • a team of 8 full-time employees on site
  • and a strong social #impact with fisheries in the surrounding area, which have quadrupled in 4 years.
Musée Océanographique de Mónaco <br>httpsmuseeoceanoorg20200804actu coral guardian exposition

People are being more-and-more aware of the need to support corals, and the #exhibitions around the world are helping to increase awareness #globally.

You can also help by supporting this cause #subscribing to social media profile @coralguardian , or website, and talking about the #importance of the oceans and the coral #ecosystems. But most importantly, by #adopting a coral. This gives enough support to the Guardians to continue with their #amazing #work, and who knows? maybe you can be the most original Santa Claus with your family, this #Christmas.

I am taking this opportunity to wish you the very best during the holidays, and for the new year, too. Let´s continue making a better world, for all of us.

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