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Neuron Science Revolution

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The next generation of things that doctors and patients may experience.The future of neuron science revolution by modern technology will be an innovative combination of Nano robotics, computers and neuron-morphic engineering. Researchers are starting to use artificial intelligence (AI) in order to make our lives easier, safer and healthier.Neuron science revolution is the way of modern technology used for medical research. It tells in details about the latest medical breakthroughs and treatments from diagnosis to how brain work and how diseases are remedied.Neuron science breakthroughs offer hope to patients with nerve-damaging illnesses, whether they are inherited or acquired later in life.

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Modern technology and neuron science could redefine the field of surgery allowing manipulating of neuronal activity via epidural motor cortex stimulation.Recognizing that neuro research may not reach its promise as a clinical tool, or even lead to some unforeseen risks for its users at disasters, must push us forward in engineering for neuron disclosure designing end-to-end strategies across settings with optimal neuron release.


Neuroscience has significantly changed society even if it has yet to fulfil its promise as a clinical tool or reveal unforeseen downsides for its users during disasters. The serious ethical questions posed by this latest medical frontier beg the pressing question: With reflexive neuroscience Can Neural Interface (NI) is a technology by futuristic neuroscience that combine modern and age-old medical technologies. The primary care field scientists have proven the plausibility of applying NI in the medical field, which will revolutionize psychiatric counselling, physical rehabilitation and psychiatry for neurological diseases.


The NI technology is still a prototype but it’s expected to be used in the hard-to-reach areas of brain for surgical interventions, neural examination and electric stimulations.Author: Professor (Dr.) Sanjay Rout(Psychiatry, Research Scientist, Advocate, Journalist, Author,Coach & Futurist)#technology #future #medical #health #science #it #ai #ml #vr #education #leadership #defi #blockchain #metaverse #agrotech #edutech #sprint #design #photo #video #audio #podcast #videocast #ebook #author #digitalmedia #socialmedia #international #global #future #development #nanotech

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