Try to go with the one stop believing term Soul whom all of us believes, so that the thinking may change. What is the soul? It is a big question. Who knows about the soul? Even though very few have experienced it. Suppose soul is one all you mean by search. The rule is that we will not leave the path of logic and science until that path does not go away. Will be able to walk together, this appaje is dependent on the above. Ai is going towards the crematorium. Every day dead body get furnal. people died due to natural or accident.After furnal process we beleive that soul get liberation and not birth again.first we have to understand what is soul.which has been searching by world from ancient time. As per normal human beings soul is an object which make our body alive.we have to understand first what is life. As per medical term breathing, flow of blood, current flow in brain make a body alive.from these there any of system stop work.The body will die. doctor say when electric flow stop in brain then person died.To continue this power supply Brain need fresh blood in every 3 minutes.


What is their existence then what happens when they go, light comes out. What is light? a 2 months different like a king says radiation. In the same way, there are cells that generate electricity in the brain, which are eaten by the neuron. Let’s try to know Soul. Maybe it change your mind. ‘Soul’ Hearing this word, you will either leave this or read it with your mind, which will leave and erase disbelief. People considers the theory of man as utter nonsense. But it can be done first. What do humans know about the soul ? Human soul is just a word and you have to find its meaning. The rule is only one, we will not leave the path of logic and science till then. Until he himself withdraws from us. The journey is definitely a bit difficult, but very exciting. How long you can keep up with that I leave up to you. Let us go to the Manikarnika Ghat of Banaras where on an average 300 corpses are burnt to ashes daily. With the belief that here the soul gets salvation. Borrowers will never be born again and reincarnation is a matter of later, but before that we have to understand what is soul, which is believed by a large number of people not only in India but all over the world. According to a common man, whatever the soul is, it keeps the body alive, so first of all we have to understand what life is. According to science, heartbeat, breathing and running of electricity in the brain is all that life is. If even one of these stops, the other two also stop. This is what happened to all the dead bodies. Somebody’s heart stopped working. His lungs rotted and he died without enough oxygen. Someone was riding a bike without a helmet. Suddenly he collided with an animal and fell on the road, got a deep injury on his head and the game was over. Whom did you want to meet? Who will be waiting In whose eyes will tears come? Mother, father, son, daughter, brother-sister, friend, relative, all these have no meaning. What is going on now? According to doctors, the festival happens only when the running of electricity inside the brain stops. The brain is needed to keep this power supply going. Fresh flowers every 3 minutes which keeps the heart beating continuously, but what happens next in school that makes the mind do something like a generator code diesel petrol is needed to generate electricity. Similarly, the mind uses blood like a flower. Snakes and oxygen in the school are filled with nutrients from the stool. How does Prakrit create electricity from the mind? Although this process is very complicated, but if it is explained in simple language, breaking and joining of small hairs makes electricity through this process that where electricity is made in the brain, just as the house is made of small things, in the same way the brain Not only this, but the whole body is made up of small cells and cells generate their own electricity. He has his own generator. This generator has a very strange name. Fresh blood reaches the rabbit’s body on the mitochondria. Nutrients present in the blood go inside the cell. The generator of the cell i.e. Mitochondria starts making electricity except some special nutrients present in these nutrients and in which oxygen plays the most important role. On the basis of this electricity, every cell of the body maintains contact with the brain. If this contact is broken, you can only move your hand. Nor does this heart beat by sending money. Lungs work and breathing goes on. That is, the whole game of electricity is that part of the body whose electricity is bad, toxic substances accumulate in it and start coming to that place. Bacteria start eating such cells rapidly. because of. 30 Foul smell is generated, so after the death of a person, before the corpse decomposes, either it is buried in the ground or it is burnt to ashes. So, can it be said to remember that a person is alive as long as there is electricity? Without a mere structure of flesh and bones, a person becomes a corpse forever in 3 minutes when the electricity is turned off. That’s why whether a person is asleep, unconscious or in a coma, some or the other part of the brain remains active. There, electricity keeps on running at night.We have to understand. In which subject, what is it that the mind is able to think, see, hear, speak. Taste, smell, walking, anger, love, grocery, adventure, curiosity, greed take birth in Arya Bhavan, which makes us feel alive. Man, this is called Maya. We are now going to enter a completely new world, which is called Maya. This world is full of hands even for condom physics science. Scientists from all over the world are working together to understand its secrets by spending the Lord’s money, in which NASA is the refuge of Google IMMI. The world’s largest institutions like Harvard University and Oxford University are included. But the surprising thing is that they are doing this. After all, why don’t you understand what the soul is after reading the Bhagwat Gita or other Hindu scriptures. The problem is that whatever is needed. It is not in any religious book. The world has accepted that there is a soul, but no one knows what it is. To believe or not to believe is a free work. It doesn’t take money and mind. Brother, it is so easy to say that whatever is soul, soul, everything is useless. But if someone says to say this thing on the basis of facts, then your mind will be spoiled because before doing the word, you will have to keep saying that thing. Have to understand. One has to do intensive research on the same subject for many years, which is a difficult work full of hard work. Do you know how far the scientists have reached in this research, what is it in the end that creates all the symptoms of life that you cannot see. Can’t hear Do not do any of your central work, but if thoughts are being formed in your mind, it means there is electricity running there and you are still alive, but how are these thoughts formed. What happens if they exist, there is light?What is cast? A kind of radiation like an electromagnetic field is called? In the same way, there are cells that generate electricity in the brain, which are eaten by neurons. Every decision has many branches coming out of it. Every evening a certain kind of electricity runs through the mind which is used as nothing but information. Both exchange information with each other. He has problems like us. When electricity runs across the neuroses, a special electromagnetic field is created, called synapsis. This field is active in our mind in the form of nothing but thoughts. It can be viewed on the computer screen by personal technology. Don’t know the magnetic field still can’t know. What is the idea of ​​Kashmir, what is it thinking about means we can say that you are nothing else. The field is a radiation. There is a special kind of energy which is spread equally everywhere. Whatever a person has seen, heard, said, thought and written in his life time. whatever worked. All that gets recorded in this radiation field forever. You can think of the information in the electromagnetic field as sound, by setting it to a message frequency called rotating radio as a particular frequency. In the same way the mind exists within itself. By activating and deactivating it in lakhs of crores, it can tune it on innumerable frequencies. Tapasya and Sadhana are nothing but to tune the mind to a particular frequency in the posture of meditation and feel connected with the radiation field spread all around in the universe.Have to think that in this mental accident, the world can spread the radiation of our brain. Data Alpha Beta Gamma The answer is too many. The frequency of the brain is highest when you are lost. 35 words can find the solution to your problem at such frequency. When you sleep the brain has the lowest frequency which uses energy between point 5 and 4. Completely organized. By becoming active in Hasan’s way, you can create a radiation field like Hasan. Then to create that field again, they make a connection by joining each other. So every field is a wrong idea by itself.Three things are required for the formation of degradation field and what is energy, what is time, what is space, we do not know from all the groups on this. We have been able to know only some of the qualities of the country so far, but the whole science stands on these three pillars. Some of these gurus give the mind the power to reason. But how these three affect each other, are connected. If today we have been able to know a little bit, in which 2 scientists have an important role and Albert Einstein. The equations of the Plus Plan state that energy is the greatest quality of all that is. Where is the company or what is very fast. We don’t know what that thing is, but the area that Enfield becomes from its company, that is the effect. Energy Albert Einstein discovers 4 new planets of energy creates the first energy substance animator. Secondly, it can spread Scosi chorea. The third can change the tempo of the moment. 14 The speed of energy is maximum in space. About 300000 kilometers in 1 second 5 more miraculous properties of energy were discovered by scientist Irwin Shopping, according to whom it can be free from time and affect matter in space instantly. This is called using the particle entertainment school, we will learn that day to accept anything. Can be sent from to another place immediately. If energy has all the qualities without any time then who is it in the soul also or maybe the soul itself is one sixth of the energy if so then this quality of energy can create consciousness in any substance. It can think and gain control over its surroundings. If this is the case then there can be a different type of consciousness in foreign countries as well and so on. Don’t know how many such forms of consciousness which we do not know can be discovered by scientists. Where has it gone? Time Crystal means this. If a glass tumbler falls on the ground and breaks, then leaving its pieces again they will make a glass tumbler. Its making and breaking will go on continuously. Humans means that our being born and dying is just a boundary of our existence in time which will never be destroyed. He is always safe. You will need it to relive that event. At present there are 100 scientists working on the time machine. Right now science has learned to use only three properties of the subject. One by its vibration, second by its speed in the sky and third by its quantity, from this we have made TV, mobile, radio, airplane, satellite and all the instruments which make our everyday life easier. Don’t know how many qualities are there in such energy. Salvation Reincarnation on a journey of discovery that will open doors to entirely new possibilities It seems to be very small things. Which is a very unique branch of science that tells us that in the systems of existence of energy, we still know only 2 space and energy. Space Kothi to us. Dimensions are divided into length, width and height in which matter is born, but what is the problem of time, how many dimensions are there in it. We don’t know I guess. This time also there should be at least 3 dimensions. There is constant chaos in a match. In scientific language, this disorganization is called entropy. If something breaks in the country, it cannot automatically join and go back to the previous state. This is the time we all live in now.Of time May be in which continuous arrangement is required. Any system can be built except broken. Can change the flow of time. Time slows down around a black hole, but maybe after the event horizon the stream of time reverses, but I think it’s mostly at night. That third dimension of this time is ultimate chaos where there is no relation in any event. Here every possible event exists at the same time in the same place. You can do this with Super Time or Mahakal. Suppose you want to travel the whole world. According to the first dimension of time it will take about 1 year. If you use the third dimension of time, you will travel around the world. Just your thinking. The problem is that you can never know in what order your journey is that you have been there before in America, Australia, Iceland, but you have no knowledge of when you got there and what space and time 3:00 Many strange questions arise from things in the night itself.Are there infinite universes like ours, infinite systems. There are endless possibilities. All these together we can call God. did you come By using Chetan Gur, all these can be felt within the mind just by doing sadhna. There is no theory that this is possible. We just need to know how to make this announcement possible. I want to find answers to such questions on the basis of scientific evidence. Who knows how long it will take to get answers to all these questions. Methods Dohe Vigyan Chapter 2 One has to understand the world outside and establish a deeper contact with one’s own consciousness for the other. The goal of both is the same. The search for the ultimate truth is the search for God and both have an important role to play in this search.Author:Professor (Dr.) Sanjay Rout(Psychiatry, Lawyer, Journalist, ,Author, Futurist & Coach)Tag:#leadership ,#author, #science, #Idea, #Law, #future, #Nft, #Metaverse, #Technology, #drsanjayrout, #Digital, #social, #global, #coaching, #international, #media, #transformation, #change, #policy, #Psychology , #Mind, #Health,

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