On March 13, 2023, No Ordinary Drinks (NOD), a stevia-infused flavored water company based in Shanghai, China, officially signed a distribution contract with of the New Retail Chamber of Commerce (NRC)a company based in Vietnam, has distribution system and coverage in Southeast Asia (Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia)

To distribute NOD products to consumers in Vietnam and the Southeast Asian market (SEA) which are the fifth largest economy in the world after the US, China, Japan and Germany with a total population of more than 660 million people.
“Asia has 3 of the 5 largest economies in the world, the Top 5 contributes 51% of the total global GDP, and the 10 of the 25 largest economies, the top 25 contributes 84% of the total global GDP. Therefore, the Asian market deserves attention and proper assessment of the exploitation potential for foreign businesses. Southeast Asia with 50% of the population is urban (334,418,881 people in 2019) and the average age is 30.2 years old , are considered suitable for new products with good quality and concern for consumers’ health to enter and exploit.”
According to Mr. Dương Tiến Dũng ( John Yeung ) speaking after the meeting .

NOD has an ambitious overseas expansion plan, relying on a two-pronged approach starting with Singapore and Germany as the launching pads into South-East Asia and Europe respectively. Its plans are rooted in the extensive combination of resources and working relationships with retailers and partners in these two regions, that the founders have acquired in the past. According to Market Data Forecast (www.marketdataforecast.com), the European beverage market is worth USD 503.55 billion per annum and estimated to reach USD 633.54 billion in 2026 whilst Asia Pacific’s is USD 351.08 billion. Both these markets are growing at a CAGR of 4 to 6 percent.
Lobin Tjia, NOD’s head of marketing and co-founder believes that NOD will become as ubiquitous as Pepsi, Nestle or Coke. “NOD has aggressive plans to build our brand; one that is born in China but ready for the world stage. Our brand mission, products, communications, are developed in China, but are built on principles designed to have universal appeal with the right customization for local nuances. Our pioneering commitment to Stevia powering the naturally great taste of our sugar-free waters is one such case in point. To cut through the cluttered media environment, we will avoid the pitfalls of just relying on influencers as mobile billboards that have become near ubiquitous. We strive to create brand experiences that are current, memorable, and crucially echo back to our goal of making healthy beverages taste good and fun to drink. We are in the business of creating a brand recipe that is built to last, grounded on fundamentals versus fads,” says Tjia.

Founder Chris Tay is a serial entrepreneur and is now preparing NOD’s series A fundraise, which has already garnered serious interest from notable Asia Pacific institutional investors. This is not surprising as the healthy beverage market pie is big enough to accommodate a few strong players. Additionally, many countries in South-East Asia and Europe have adopted sugar taxes to improve nutrition levels and reduce obesity further fuelling NOD’s flavoured water prospects in these regions.

One Capital (ONE) served as the lead investor, with follow-on other notable investors include personal investments from Mr & Mrs Lee Hsien Yang(ex-Chairman of Fraser & Neave, owner of Tiger Beer and F&N beverages) , Mr Koh Boon Hwee (ex-Chairman of Yeo Hiap Seng) and several angel investors from Singapore.

Proterra Investment Partners Asia (“Proterra Asia”) is a private equity fund manager focused on investing in the Asian Food Sector. The Proterra Asia team sits in offices in Singapore and Shanghai.

Proterra Asia is an affiliate of Proterra Investment Partners LP (www.proterrapartners.com), an alternative investment manager with USD 3.7 billion of assets under management, focused on investing in natural resource sectors of agriculture & food. Proterra Asia is supported by the broader Proterra Investment Partners platform with offices in Minneapolis, London, Sao Paulo, Singapore, Shanghai and Sydney.

Proterra Investment Partners LP spun out from Black River Asset Management, a wholly-owned, independently-managed subsidiary of Cargill, Inc., a global leader in providing food, agriculture, financial and industrial products and services.

Source : NRC

With a strong belief in the recovery of the Southeast Asian market in 2024 -2025, NRC has launched new products and services which include technology application in cross border solution packages in Southeast Asia market , combines O2O to save and optimize costs, and we are committed to accompanying with NOD in deploying distribution in Vietnam market as well as Southeast Asia in the future , is a typical case in the current trade context, according to the China + 1 Asean policy.

source from: newretailchamber (NRC)

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