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Passive investor and family office manager, Vicky Ramancha, takes active role as the head of medical equipment trading at RNR Group

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RNR Group consists of general trading and business management service provider companies. RNR Group has been actively involved in medical trading activities since the start of COVID in early 2020. The group has managed multinational clients in medical equipment trading business and achieved significant growth in a short period of time.

RNR Group has also a capital management division for international investment business and management which is actively exploring trade finance opportunities in United Arab Emirates and GCC.

In the Middle East, general trading business is one of the primary business activities since the old times. RNR Group’s capital management division is looking to take part in the business of trade finance within the Middle East and Asia as these regions facilitate huge amounts of trade finance business and RNR Group has entities in both regions. Saudi Arabia is also seeing future growth in trade facilitation as well as Qatar. RNR Group’s capital management division is looking to expand its business actively within the Middle East and Asia during 2023.

RNR Group is now under new structuring improvements within the organization and an increase in staff. It is now confirmed that Vicky Ramancha is placed as an active head of medical equipment trading division of RNR Group. Vicky Ramancha is a professional business developer with nearly 15 years experience in global sales and management. He also runs a private family office in India and has also been financing RNR Group’s medical equipment trading business since 2020.

Vicky Ramancha was an early investor in the RNR Group’s medical division in the beginning of 2020 and 2021 during which RNR Group’s medical trading division was trading large quantities of medical PPE products between Asia and the US. Vicky Ramancha’s private family office financed RNR Group’s operations for nearly $6 million united states dollars. As being an early investor and seeing the business grow in its operations, Vicky Ramancha is now taking more important role in the group as the head of medical equipment trading division.

RNR Group is now looking to increase the strength of medical trading business lead by Vicky Ramancha with his network of strong medical equipment and pharmaceutical manufacturers in India. RNR Group sees positive results by the Q3 2023 from capital management division as well towards trade finance business.

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