Keeping your child moving in today’s digital age is hard. Keeping them engaged is an effective way to promote good habits that they can carry on as they grow. Children should be active several times a day for them to develop into healthy young adults. Not to mention the fact that regular exercise has tons of benefits!

Every step of the way, you will find that the benefits of keeping active will be relevant even as you get older. In children constant physical activity can mean better mental health, it is shown to improve mood, reduce anxiety and depression, and increase self-esteem. In school, exercise can aid them through concentration, memory, and learning!

Furthermore, engaging in physical activity and play helps children develop important cognitive skills such as problem-solving, spatial awareness, and creativity. Not to mention, it’s a great way to stop online gaming addiction among kids and adults alike.

How To Encourage Physical Activity 

In social situations, physical activity also allows children to interact with peers and develop social skills such as teamwork, communication, and leadership. But these days it’s hard to get some kids to peel their eyes off their screens and you might find yourself at a loss for what to do to get them more active.

Make It Fun

Find what your child is already interested in doing. When exercise feels forced or feels more like a chore, as a parent or guardian you will be sure to meet resistance from the little tyke. They will surely find reasons to avoid it if they can! For reference, Playfinity has gamified activities such as baseball with astounding success.

Get Active Together

There is nothing that a parent will do that children will not be curious about, most of the time, they’d like to be like you!

Kids learn by example, so if you lead an active lifestyle, they are more likely to follow suit, so why not do it together? Playfinity encourages team play with its roster of fun activities.

Make It A Routine

And make it subtle! Small things like a ten-minute walk around the block after dinner or a quick dance number before meals with members of the family will encourage movement.

It also promotes bonding with your kid as these activities are precious family time that they are sure not to forget as they grow older! The structured nature of Playfinity’s activities makes them perfect for any routine!

Positive Encouragement 

Exercise that should be rewarding. One way to motivate your child to into exercising is to celebrate their progress as they do more physical activity. This boosts their confidence and promotes a healthy mindset that exercise is a positive thing to do. Playfinity’s gamification of its activities encourages this with positive feedback loops.

Limiting Screen Time

Now screen time isn’t all that bad, it’s where we all learn, earn, and get entertained after all, but the bottom line it gobbles up too much time. In a blink of an eye, you will find the kids have little or no time to do anything else at all!

Make sure your child has access to appropriate equipment, such as balls or bikes, and a safe space to play and be active. The goal of Playfinity is to meet a happy middle between “video game” elements and real, physical play.

Walk, Run, Bike! (Don’t Drive)

Today there is an over-dependence on vehicles to get from place to place, even when it’s just a few blocks away! Children tend to use their phones or tablets to entertain themselves when they are in the passenger seat. If it’s just a short distance, why not walk or bike?

Fun New Activities To Try With The Family

Here are some fun and practical physical activities your family can enjoy.

Outdoor Games

Encourage your child to play games like hide-and-seek, marco polo, or hopscotch. These games help your child to build physical strength, endurance, and coordination.

There is nothing like a good round of games to keep your kid sharp and keep their feet running! Playfinity’s activities such as Baseball, JumpGames, and SmartBall are fantastic ways to keep your body active.


Turn on some music and encourage your child to dance!

Dancing is a fun and effective way to get your child moving and improve their mood. This promotes confidence and self-expression, not to mention the many unique styles of dance your kid can choose from!


Cycling is a great activity for children, it helps to improve their balance and strengthens their legs. You can take your child out for a ride and find that it is a skill that will never be forgotten through adulthood!

This can also be useful as cycling can get you where you need to be, and your child can explore as well as get their daily exercise in.


Take your child on a hike in a nearby park or nature reserve. This is a great way to get your kid moving and exploring the great outdoors while engaging in conversation about nature and how it works!

There will be a lot of curious questions from them to you, so be ready!


Swimming is an exercise that helps maintain a healthy weight and gives a whole-body workout that is beneficial to building strength and endurance.

When done regularly, studies have also shown that swimming also strengthens the heart and lungs!

It’s also a great way to have fun with your child by playing games that can only be done in the water!

Martial Arts

Enroll your child in a martial arts class, such as karate or taekwondo. These classes teach self-discipline and respect while improving strength, flexibility, and balance. Not only that, it’s a way for kids to learn why fighting isn’t something to be treated so lightly.

Your child can even choose which martial art to practice as there are many to choose from! As an added bonus, your child will learn to control their own strengths and temper their tempers, as martial arts have proven to be a fantastic outlet for that.


Gardening is a relaxing and engaging way to get your child moving while learning about plants and the environment. This activity is particularly beneficial if your child is a bit introverted but needs exercise. Furthermore, this encourages mindfulness and observation skills.

Involve your child in planting, watering, and maintaining the plants, and celebrate when you get a harvest!


Overall, exercise should be incorporated into everyday life as seamlessly as possible. These activities not only keep your child active but also provide an opportunity for them to gain more practical knowledge to aid their growth. Lastly, when your child is feeling unwell or experiencing stress, give them a bit of slack. Make sure they consume green and healthy food during this time, so they recover fast. A little understanding goes a long way, especially when it comes to rest.

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