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We all have trust issues , agreed..People are difficult, true. So, you don’t trust them.But may I ask if you don’t trust your own self who else would or who else would you trust..?

We all have taken ourselves for granted and had a really good time all our life untill now roasting the soul out of our body for not being the illusion you expect yourself to be. You can give a thought on what I told. Dwelling on the perception & hefty standards set by the world around we have started giving up on the “true me” notion.

All of us are born different for a reason.Trying to be someone you are not may have brought you temporary pleasure, yet we don’t identify the tremendous pressure we are put our minds into for acting & donning up the worldly expectations..

Where has this taken us? We have lost trust on our own selves.One might argue that we have trouble trusting our heart mind and instincts because we have bitter previous experiences & misjudgements that may have brought the self esteem down . But, we often ignore the fact that the true reason lying behind is that we see ourselves as a different person than what we identify as “me”.

This theory proves good for reasoning why we have hard time trusting our instincts .. let’s understand that unless we give up trying to be what we aren’t, we would never be able to stickup with the soul and the me notion.Be you! When you aren’t yourself which also means when you aren’t happy with yourself… there’s no me in what we do.

How could you trust something that doesn’t exist? Fair question isn’t it..

Its not me I’m not able to trust but the person that I have forced myself to be. This philosophy is what many of us fail to inherit. It’s impossible to be unbelievable with your own self, gosh the inner voice is what your born with and ou die with..the only life&death companion..it did be crazy to say you don’t believe such self of yours.

in essence, let you be the real you . Things start falling at the respective places ,no efforts required it’s that self stern evaluation that you must stop subjecting yourself to.Plus, it’s important to shrug off the ridiculous coat of Worldly standards to rediscover yourself again.

Guess what, you would love meeting the rediscovered self so much that you did start regretting wasting your time change your awesome self to humanly mediocrity.

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