8 months ago

Dirty Tricks ; Light on Labour Injustice Online

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Everyday, we pass by a lot of unfairness around us. Some are classified as crimes and some which cause severe mental and physical trauma haven’t been identified as one yet. Not all the people go to the court to seek justice fearing the authoritative monsters. At last people don’t gain what they deserve and turn away with heavy hearts and empty hands dearth of Justice.

But things become even uglier online. Employers who employ virtual Staff online have been hailed to a statistical record of cheating the people by embezzling the Salary/stipend. Today we are going to throw light on one such event . WAGE THEFT. A source of ours has reported it. Here’s the details.

Amberpro- A Bangalore, India based fragile Infant level organisation
Founder ; Kiran Gupta
Instagram; https://www.instagram.com/amberprofficial/
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