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From the Heart of the Mountains: The Story of ‘Lepinsk O’Nimi’ Company and Its Organic Delicacies

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In the heart of the Republic of Kazakhstan, amidst the pristine landscapes of the Caspian region, LLP “Lepinsk O’Nimi” has quietly been making waves since its inception in March 2016. This visionary company specializes in the production of “Lepinsk Organic Honey,” “Lepinsk Organic Tea,” and “Lepinsk Organic Jam,” offering ecologically pure products known for their unique flavor and rich aroma.

The variety of “Lepinsk Organic Honey” is mountain wildflower. It contains several hundred types of herbs and medicinal plants: catnip, thyme, yarrow, rosehip, cypress, ajwain, raspberry, apple tree, St. John’s wort, mint, and many others. What makes this honey unique is its preservation of the original genetic code. In areas affected by industrial plants and highways, plants mutate. However, in this region, it’s a pure, picturesque corner, a real “Garden of Eden.”

The jam are also gifts from nature, with fruits and berries grown in the wild. All products from “Lepinsk O’Nimi” hold an Organic European standard certificate. Specialists visited and examined the fields and forests, taking soil and plant samples.

Lepinsk is a village in the Alakol district of the Zhetysu region, nestled in the Jungar Alatau Mountains with rich flora and fauna. The picturesque nature of the area has fascinated many renowned travelers, who have referred to Lepinsk as the “emerald in the silver frame of snowy mountains.” Beekeeping has been the main occupation of the local population for 160 years. In the early 20th century, beehives even adorned the coat of arms of the county town. Local honey used to be regularly supplied to the imperial table in St. Petersburg, and in 1913, it was recognized as the standard for the world’s best honey.

The unfairly forgotten reputation of this beneficial product is being revived by local residents. In 2016, a “Lepinsk O’Nimi” factory was built in Lepinsk to carefully package the harvested honey and deliver it to connoisseurs’ tables.

The enterprise owns several apiaries, and honey is purchased only from local beekeepers in Lepinsk, as the area (climate, mountain medicinal herbs, and flowers) determines the exceptional taste and aroma of the product. All apiaries are located high in the mountains in untouched natural settings, far from civilization. The factory does not subject the honey to thermal treatment, as temperatures exceeding 38 degrees Celsius cause honey to lose its beneficial properties. Laboratory specialists closely monitor the quality of the purchased honey, checking moisture levels, diastase numbers, and ensuring compliance with all standards. The quality, natural origin, and compliance with GOST (State Standard) of Lepinsk honey are regularly confirmed by scientific centers and laboratories in Kazakhstan. The product is certified and licensed accordingly.

The honey is presented in three types of packaging: glass jars, natural linden barrels, and gift boxes. LLP “Lepinsk O’Nimi” is one of the few companies in Kazakhstan and abroad that pays great attention to the packaging of this product. The design and exclusive gift boxes in which “Lepinsk Organic Honey” is packaged have no counterparts worldwide.

The company’s mission is to promote a healthy and eco-friendly lifestyle. Therefore, specialists strive to preserve the beneficial properties of natural gifts and deliver them to people in their pristine form.

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