obediah ayton

Obediah Ayton Director of Dhabi Hold Co, an investment holding company in Abu Dhabi is a leading public figure for the UAE on Linkedin, discussing family offices and private wealth.

Obediah Ayton weekly posts about Family Offices on Linkedin. How to approach family offices in the UAE, how to raise money from family offices in the UAE, how to respect the cultural differences of family offices in the UAE, along with much more advice to founders and general partners.

Mr Obediah Ayton in the last months had a Start Up Founder in the UAE called Dixio, raise capital due to Obedah listing investment groups on his Linkedin and then offering advice on how to approach such investors. Months later, the start up raised a multi million dollar round. Spears Magazine recently wrote about power family office brokers in the Middle East including Mr Ayton, however what they do not realise, is much of Obediah Aytons influence is for the SME and Start Up communities growth. He did not take any fees on such transaction above, in light it come from pure passion towards the UAE Start Up ecosystem. 

Obediah Ayton, mentioned he is an “Aspirational Family Office” but not yet big enough, so he learns for the others around him, absorb the knowledge from the Middle East Families and identify collaboration in the private sector. 

Mr Obediah Ayton has built a portfolio of companies under the brand Dhabi Hold Co www.dhabiholding.com such as the leading marketing agency in Dubai called Gulf Creative www.gulfcreative.ae, the second company is a regulated accounting firm under the united arab emirates federal tax authority called Theta7 www.theta7.ae,  the third company is an Artificial intelligence and Business Intelligence software called Accounting Bi, such software is used by some of the largest wealth managers and private equity firms globally. The fourth company is Mr Aytons personal investment company called Obaida Capital, in which he has made select investments this year into start ups across the Middle East. Lastly, in the portfolio, Mr Ayton has the ADFO Summit or known as the Abu Dhabi Family Office Summit, where he hosts over 200+ family offices under one roof. 

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