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Nick Ayton to Lead Groundbreaking Discussions on Future Technologies as Chair of the Abu Dhabi Family Office Summit (ADFO) on November 23rd

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nick ayton

The Abu Dhabi Family Office Summit (ADFO) is pleased to announce Nick Ayton as the esteemed chair for its upcoming summit on November 23rd. A futurist and tech thought leader, Nick Ayton brings unparalleled expertise in deep and frontier technologies, positioning him as a visionary guiding discussions on the future just ahead of the Formula 1, COP28, and Finance Week.

nick ayton
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Nick broad knowledge spans frontier technologies such as quantum computing, artificial intelligence (AI), and synthetic biology. Recognised for his engaging and entertaining style Nick has the knack for simplifying the complex and deliver real life examples how technologies will shape our future, delivering easy to understand concepts and thought-provoking narratives.

At the forefront of his vision are the technologies that have the potential to reshape societies and advance humanity. With a distinctive interest in Longevity, MedTech and Synthetic Biology he identifies the key aspects for disrupting industries.

A staunch supporter for putting individuals in control of their data, identity, and information Nick is a committed Web3 advocate, experimenting with business models that align with the growing movement towards decentralised decision making, a future where people have the power to control their personal data and monetise their content, fostering a more equitable digital landscape.

As chair of the ADFO Summit, Nick is poised to lead conversations that transcend traditional Family Office discussions as they grapple with succession planing, allocation and diversification strategies at a time of economic volatility and geopolitical uncertainty. Attendees can anticipate a deep dive into the transformative potential of frontier technologies, exploring their impact on various sectors, from Finance to Healthcare, from AI to Quantum Computing.

The ADFO Summit is excited to have Nick Ayton as its chair, a role that reflects his influence as a thought leader shaping the discourse on the future of technology.

About the Abu Dhabi Family Office Summit (ADFO)

The ADFO Summit is a premier gathering that brings together family offices, wealth managers, and industry leaders to discuss trends, strategies, and innovations in wealth management. The summit provides a platform for thought leadership and networking opportunities in the ever-evolving landscape of family office management.

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