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Nguyen Hoai Nam Khanh – Vice Chairman of The Next Generation, Won First Prize in the Young Entrepreneurs 2023 Competition.

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Possessing a handsome appearance, many talents and a huge track record of achievements, Nam Khanh is constantly setting new challenging goals for himself.

Inspired by entrepreneurship competitions in Singapore and the United States, Young Entrepreneurs – a competition for high school students – was organized for the first time in Vietnam. Nguyen Hoai Nam Khanh, Vice Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of The Next Generation, excellently won the First Prize in the competition, receiving a prize worth $2,500.

The Young Entrepreneurs competition provides a breakthrough opportunity for Vietnamese youth to immerse themselves in entrepreneurial exchanges with teams from across the country. With three rounds starting on September 1st, the competition attracted over 500 teams from high schools across Vietnam. Forty-four teams were selected for the semi-finals, and then 10 teams advanced to the finals. Nguyen Hoai Nam Khanh and his classmates from AIS Vietnam International School performed exceptionally well, reaching the finals and ultimately winning the first prize along with a prize money of $2,500.

<em>Nguyen Hoai Nam Khanh and his classmates participating in the competition on the day of the award ceremony<em>

Nguyen Hoai Nam Khanh, also known by the familiar name Tom Nguyen, is the first child of businessman Nguyen Hoai Nam and Dr. Nguyen Thu Huong. Since childhood, Tom has been provided with opportunities by his parents to participate in extracurricular activities along with an international learning environment. As a result, this young man possesses excellent English speaking skills and a natural talent in various other areas such as singing and playing musical instruments.

<em>Nam Khanh is always supported by his parents to participate in events and activities aiming to enhance his communication skills self confidence and forge new connections<em>

Not only that, but Nam Khanh is also very active and confident in his role as a leader at school, in the classroom, and even in external events alongside his parents. He is invited as a speaker to share valuable insights and knowledge on useful courses for young people and to provide perspectives on the issues that teenagers commonly face in today’s society. In 2018, when participating in CEO Kids – a platform that helps young children learn and develop themselves while honing their leadership skills – Nam Khanh excellently secured the first-place position. In 2023, Nam Khanh continues to be appointed as the Vice Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of The Next Generation, a network dedicated to the next generation’s succession.

Nam Khanh and members of The Next Generation at a network event

Sharing his plans for personal development in the future, the Gen Z young man reveals, “Currently, my plan is to complete high school in Vietnam and continue my studies, pursuing a career in business and investment when I enter university, as it has been my passion since childhood.” According to Nam Khanh, “Thanks to my early exposure to CEO Kids – a platform for young entrepreneurs – and the guidance and support of my parents, I have discovered my passion for business at an early age. The Young Entrepreneurs competition and this award have provided me with valuable lessons, interesting experiences, and practical knowledge, allowing me to confidently pursue my entrepreneurial dreams in the future.”

Possessing a handsome appearance many talents and a huge track record of achievements Nam Khanh is constantly setting new challenging goals for himself

It is evident that with his knowledge, experience, and selective participation in various events and activities, coupled with continuous self-improvement and personal growth, Nam Khanh has achieved noteworthy accomplishments in his already impressive profile as a 16-year-old young man.

Wishing Nam Khanh continued success and shining brightly in his future endeavors.

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