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A Nasdaq Spotlight: Sean Chin MQ, The Hedge Fund Manager.

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Sean Chin MQ

In this exclusive interview, we sit down with Sean Chin MQ, and we’ll discuss advice for individual investors interested in ESG and ethical investing and its impact on financial markets. We’ll also take a glimpse into the future, outlining the potential of sustainable investing in emerging areas such as carbon credits and blockchain technology.

Please introduce yourself and tell us what you do. How did you get into the financial space?

I am the Investment Director at Olritz Financial Group. My finance journey began in the banking sector with pivotal roles at OCBC Bank and Standard Chartered Bank, where I developed a foundational understanding of the financial markets. My ambition and strategic insights led me to establish Olritz Financial Group, focusing on asset management and expanding our presence internationally.

From your perspective, how do you believe incorporating Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles contributes to sustainability and profitability within the financial markets?

Incorporating ESG principles is crucial for long-term sustainability and profitability. It drives responsible investment, aligns with global ethical standards, and addresses the increasing demand from investors who seek financial returns and positive societal impact. By integrating ESG factors, businesses can mitigate risks, foster innovation, and capitalize on emerging opportunities in sustainable markets, ultimately enhancing their financial performance.

How do you incorporate ESG into the firm’s risk management framework?

At Olritz, we integrate ESG considerations into our risk assessment by evaluating our investments’ environmental and social impact and the governance practices of the entities we invest in. This approach allows us to identify potential risks and opportunities that traditional financial analysis might overlook, ensuring a more comprehensive risk management strategy.

Are there specific instances where ESG considerations have translated into financial success for Olritz?

Certainly, our focus on renewable energy projects, for example, has supported environmental sustainability and delivered robust financial returns. This sector has shown resilience and growth potential, aligning with our investment ethos and yielding tangible benefits for our clients and the environment.

Can you share a specific success story or example that illustrates the positive impact Olritz Financial Group has experienced from its early focus on ESG investments?

At Olritz Financial Group, we have seen tangible financial success stemming from our ESG considerations, particularly in our investments in Sharia-compliant green funds. This approach has opened up new revenue streams for Olritz while aligning with our commitment to responsible and sustainable investing. The success of this venture underscores the financial viability of ESG-focused strategies and their potential to yield substantial returns.

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