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TikTok journalism!!

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TikTok journalism is a term referring to the popular video-sharing app TikTok which is used as a medium for creating and consuming media. TikTok journalism has grown in popularity and relevance in recent years, especially among younger audiences who are drawn to the app’s creative, engaging, and viral videos.

TikTok media can take various forms,

– Explain complex or current issues simply and simply, using pictures, music, and humor.

– Sharing personal stories or experiences related to media events, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, the Black Lives Matter movement, or the climate crisis.

-Showing backgrounds or graphic images of story-making situations such as protests, disasters, or interviews.

– Making parody or satire videos that commercialize or criticize journalists, politicians, or celebrities.

TikTok Journalism can offer several benefits,

– Reaching new and diverse audiences who do not receive information from traditional sources, such as newspapers, TV, or websites.

– Provide dynamic interaction and sharing for users, who can comment, like, share, or create their own videos in response to media content.

– Provides a more humane and honest perspective on journalism, by showing ordinary people or real journalists as storytellers.

– Encourage creativity and innovation in media, using application features and trends to make media content engaging and interesting.

TikTok journalism can also pose some challenges,

– Determination of the accuracy and reliability of media content due to the time and space in the application for validation, delivery, and context.

– Maintaining ethical and professional standards in media, because of the emphasis on the application itself.

Recently, there are a lot of journalism organizations used TikTok to cover the War in Gaza, BBC, CNN, Al-Jazeera, and AlQaheranews TV to tell their audience by using Videos of what happened in Gaza.

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