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Founder of TEAZENTEA, Ms. Huong Le: Becoming a WLIN Partner to spread the unity and strength of the global community of women entrepreneurs.

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Huong Le, a female leader, is known as the Founder and CEO of the TEAZENTEA bubble tea brand. In November, she made the decision to join forces with WLIN Global Holdings, a global organization of women leaders, as a WLIN Partner and the Chairwoman of WLIN San Jose++.

TEAZENTEA is a franchised bubble tea brand that has been built and developed by female entrepreneur Huong Le in the United States over the past 8 years. It originated from her desire to establish a beverage business specifically catering to Vietnamese individuals, particularly the younger generation, with high-quality and distinctively flavorful drinks. Today, TEAZENTEA has expanded to include 12 locations in the US and 1 location in Binh Duong, Vietnam.

Huong Le Chairwomen of WLIN San Jose++

Huong Le reflects on the journey of building and developing the TEAZENTEA bubble tea brand in the United States over the past 8 years. She recalls the time 8 years ago when she had been in the US for a while but hadn’t had any intention of starting a business. Everything seemed to fall into place for her, and she quickly made the decision to start a bubble tea shop in the US with a single intention: to provide the most attentive customer service, delicious and healthy beverages that align with the slow living and wellness trends.

From the early days of building the business, numerous challenges continuously tested this petite and gentle female leader. However, with inner strength and strong determination, Huong Le gradually overcame obstacles and sought solutions to establish TEAZENTEA as the brand it is today.

There were days when I personally stood behind the counter, researching new recipes, experimenting with different flavors to diversify the menu. Figuring out how to decorate the store, developing procedures for customer care and service. Managing employees, implementing communication policies, marketing… Everything was indeed not easy and straightforward. But looking back today, I am extremely grateful for those times as they have given me the courage and the refinement I have today,” added Huong Le, the female leader.

Huong Le the female leader expresses her desire to spread human energy and compassion to the community

Huong Le, the female leader, expresses her desire to spread human energy and compassion to the community. She acknowledges that she is naturally inclined to be introverted and reserved. However, as she embarked on her entrepreneurial journey and pursued franchise brand development, she made gradual efforts and choices to ensure personal growth and expand her business.

Huong Le consciously aligns herself with environments that are civilized humanistic filled with love and unity

Huong Le consciously aligns herself with environments that are civilized, humanistic, filled with love and unity. By immersing herself in such environments, she not only surrounds herself with a safe source of energy but also draws inspiration from the people around her. This allows her to continuously develop and expand her business while remaining true to her introverted nature.

Ms Huong Le at the party Great Gatsby

When asked about her impression of the culture within the WLIN Global, Huong Le expressed, “As a member of the global women leaders network, I have experienced the power of unity and the clear connections and business exchanges among members here. Not only that, I have also had the opportunity to participate, learn, and be greatly inspired by talented and beautiful women from around the world. From Chairwoman Nguyễn Thu Huong to Chairwoman-Actress-Director Mai Thu Huyen, and other WLIN Partners who launched around the same time as me, such as Ms. Hanna Lam of WLIN Chicago++ and Ms. Anna Pham of WLIN Great Gatsby. Each sister here possesses unique strengths and expertise, and when we come together, we can support each other immensely.”

Becoming a WLIN Partner allows Huong Le to extend the power of unity and the value of business exchanges within the global community of women entrepreneurs. As a leader who enjoys helping and supporting the community, she always desires to contribute to building a connected community of women leaders who can journey together towards development and happiness. Therefore, after a period of exploration and engagement as a member of WLIN Passion USA+, Huong Le decided to become a

Regarding this decision, Huong Le shared, “When I became a WLIN Partner, I believed that I would have more responsibilities and inspiration to contribute to the development of the network. I also saw it as an opportunity to further develop myself and my business in the future.

With her strong inner strength and accompanied by the support of the WLIN Global Network, Huong Le, together with WLIN San Jose+, believes that they will engage in various activities and develop new ideas to contribute to the collective growth of WLIN Global Holdings and the shared mission of creating a community where women are healthier, more successful, and happier.

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