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In Moscow, Navalny Laid to Rest as Supporters Chant in Unity

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In Moscow, the final farewell to Alexei Navalny, a leading opposition figure, saw thousands of supporters echoing his name, expressing their unresolved grievances towards the authorities over his demise. Navalny’s parents, Lyudmila and Anatoly, shared a poignant moment at his graveside, offering a final kiss before his coffin was sealed, accompanied by a small ensemble of musicians near his former home.

Navalny, known as President Vladimir Putin’s most vocal critic within Russia, passed away at 47 in a remote penal colony on February 16, leading to widespread speculation among his followers about foul play, a claim firmly denied by the Kremlin.

His death has ignited significant public outcry, with his movement being labeled extremist and his supporters depicted as agitators by the state. Dmitry Peskov, Kremlin’s spokesperson, remained silent on the matter.

The burial and preceding funeral service in southeast Moscow’s Soothe My Sorrows church drew massive crowds, showcasing a rare public dissent. Amidst the throngs, chants for freedom and against Putin resonated, as police monitored the significant, yet peaceful, assembly. Reports from OVD-Info indicated that arrests were made across various locations, including Moscow.

Despite warnings against unsanctioned protests, the turnout underscored a deep-seated defiance against Kremlin’s crackdowns, particularly in the wake of the Ukraine conflict.

Navalny’s death not only marks a somber moment but also leaves the fragmented opposition in a vulnerable state as Putin eyes extending his reign. Navalny’s legacy of resilience and advocacy for transparency remains a beacon for many, despite the challenges ahead.

Lyudmila, Navalny’s mother, encountered difficulties in retrieving her son’s body for a public funeral, a struggle that highlighted the state’s attempts to quell dissent.

The ceremony, held in a church supportive of the Ukraine conflict, which Navalny opposed, was a stark reminder of the complex political landscape. Meanwhile, state media’s minimal coverage of the event contrasted with the global attention it garnered.

Navalny’s family, now abroad, was noticeably absent from the service. His wife, Yulia, shared a heartfelt tribute, vowing to uphold his legacy despite the personal loss.

Navalny’s daring return to Russia in 2021, following a recovery from a suspected poisoning, underscored his commitment to challenging the status quo. His untimely death has not silenced his cause, with supporters and allies continuing to honor his memory and fight for a just Russia, despite the Kremlin’s warnings against public gatherings in his support.

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