In a notable milestone for the decentralized computing sector, Node Nexus Network (NNN) is honored to announce its receipt of the prestigious award from the Tokenized Assets & Digital Securities Awards (TADS). This recognition is for NNN’s innovative application of Distributed Quantum Ledger Database (DQ-LDB) technology in Artificial Intelligence, significantly enhancing collective intelligence across a global network of edge and hybrid computing microdata centers.

The TADS Awards, celebrated for recognizing outstanding innovation and excellence within the domain of tokenized assets and digital securities, rigorously evaluated a plethora of projects against criteria such as added value, innovation, future utility, novelty, and governance. NNN emerged as a standout, securing the award through a demonstration of its pioneering advancements and the transformative potential of its DQ-LDB technology. This technology is distinguished by its unparalleled security, scalability, and efficiency, featuring quantum-resistant encryption and advanced data management techniques, thereby setting new global benchmarks for data processing, storage, and security.

Strategic Deployment and Decentralized Future Vision

NNN’s strategic deployment of microdata centers spans across 16 global regions, each serving as a critical node for edge and hybrid computing. These centers go beyond traditional data storage roles to act as the backbone of a decentralized network that supports local communities, enhances internet accessibility, and encourages sustainable development through renewable energy sources.

Sean Brehm, Chairman of Node Nexus Network, asserts, “Our dedication at NNN is towards reshaping the digital ecosystem with a decentralized infrastructure that guarantees security, efficiency, and universal access to collective intelligence. Our recent commitment includes the expansion to Indonesia, revealed during a press meeting in Cannes, France, emphasizing our leadership in technological innovation and our vision for a decentralized future.”

Empowering Collective Intelligence and Technological Expansion

NNN is at the forefront of revolutionizing decentralized cloud technology through its sustainable microdata center infrastructure, spanning 16 global regions and 251 countries. This initiative is poised to redefine Quantum Computing’s future, driven by the Vogon Distributed Quantum Ledger Database Technology. Beyond constructing a digital infrastructure, NNN aims to foster collective intelligence, facilitating seamless collaboration and data sharing across its vast network. As a leader in the advancement of AI, IoT, and emerging technologies, NNN embodies a pioneering spirit that distinguishes its efforts in decentralization.

As NNN continues to expand its network and refine its technological capabilities, it eagerly anticipates forming new partnerships, spearheading innovations, and discovering opportunities that align with its mission to contribute to a more connected, intelligent, and sustainable global community.

About Node Nexus Network

Node Nexus Network leads the charge in providing sustainable, decentralized Micro Data Centers globally. Specializing in Sustainable Edge and Hybrid Cloud solutions, NNN employs cutting-edge Distributed Quantum Ledger Database (DQ-LDB) technology to meet the burgeoning needs of the AI industry. With a commitment to security, scalability, and sustainability, NNN is dedicated to creating a worldwide network of microdata centers that empower communities, enhance digital access, and drive technological innovation. For more information, visit

About the Co-Founders, Sean Michael Brehm and Dmytro Konoval

Sean Michael Brehm, with over two decades of experience, is a leader known for his contributions to entrepreneurship, executive management, military leadership, and technological innovation. As the brain behind CrowdPoint Technologies, Mr. Brehm has showcased exceptional skills in big data, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and decentralized systems, marked by strategic leadership and pioneering technological advancements.

Dmytro Konoval brings visionary expertise to the cryptocurrency sector, bolstered by a strong foundation in traditional gold mining. His strategic insight and analytical prowess have been crucial in navigating the complexities of trading with advanced strategies, thereby establishing him as a thought leader and innovator in the realms of cryptocurrency and mining.

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