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Imram Kriya Mini-Retreat: A Transformative Experience in Davos

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Master Imram

Discover Inner Peace and Creative Renewal with Master Imram

Davos, Switzerland, known for its dynamic spirit and picturesque landscapes, is set to host the transformative Kriya Yoga Mini-Retreat led by Master Imram on July 6-7, 2023. This exclusive gathering will immerse participants in the ancient and revered practices of Kriya Yoga, guided by the esteemed custodian of this spiritual discipline, Master Imram.

Anna Stukkert with Master Imram

Retreat Overview

The two-day retreat offers a deep dive into the teachings and techniques of Kriya Yoga, designed to enhance personal and spiritual growth. Master Imram, recognized as a mystic and a sage, will impart a systematic and scientifically-backed approach to this spiritual practice, making it accessible for everyone, regardless of their previous experience.

Master Imram

What to Expect

Participants will engage in intensive group sessions that build upon the foundational teachings received during their first initiation. Kriya Yoga integrates physical postures, meditative breathing, and spiritual enlightenment to promote healing, increase concentration, and foster inner peace. Its inclusive nature ensures that people of all ages and physical abilities can participate and benefit from the retreat.

Master Imram’s Philosophy

Dedicated to spreading joy and harmony, Master Imram concludes each session with mantras that aim to synchronize the tangible and intangible aspects of life, thereby instilling tranquility in participants’ daily lives. This retreat is not merely an event but a gateway to a life of enriched happiness, improved health, and heightened mindfulness.

The Imram Kriya Project

The “Imram Kriya” initiative extends beyond the retreats; it is a global movement towards adopting a mindful, healthy, and ethically conscious lifestyle. For over 25 years, this project has touched the lives of countless individuals and families, encouraging them to live consciously and find joy in balance.

Community and Reach

With a vibrant online community of three million subscribers and around 700 million video views, “Imram Kriya” offers resources on harmonious living, spiritual growth, and holistic practices. Our forums and social media platforms discuss a range of topics including effective parenting, life’s purpose, personal development, and the integration of spiritual and physical health practices.

Globally, “Imram Kriya” conducts seminars and workshops across various countries including Montenegro, Spain, Germany, Dubai, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, and India, each designed to spread knowledge and foster community among seekers of spiritual growth.

Join Us

For those looking to embark on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual deepening, the Imram Kriya Mini-Retreat in Davos is an unmissable opportunity. Connect with us and learn more about the retreat and other events through our multiple platforms:

Experience transformative growth and the harmonization of your energies for a more fulfilling and aware life by joining Master Imram in Davos.

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