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Why Mike Tyson Remains a Phenomenon, According to Former Bodybuilder Who Trained Him

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Recent videos showcasing Mike Tyson’s formidable punching power have left many in awe. However, his running form, as seen in a recent social media post, has sparked less admiration. With Tyson’s highly anticipated fight against Jake Paul scheduled for July 20, opinions are swirling about his physical readiness.

“Mike run like his shoes made outta concrete,” joked one Instagram user. Another quipped, “Showty running like a toddler.” Yet, amidst the jests, there’s a deeper appreciation for Tyson’s enduring athleticism and dedication to his craft.

Brad Rowe, a former bodybuilder who played a role in training Tyson for his exhibition fight against Roy Jones Jr. in 2020, reflected on Tyson’s unique qualities. Despite Tyson’s seemingly stiff and uncoordinated demeanor in training sessions, Rowe marveled at the transformation that occurred when Tyson stepped into the ring.

“Mike is a unicorn,” Rowe remarked. “He is stiff and uncoordinated in so many aspects of training. Then when he enters the ring he turns into a ballerina. It’s unexplainable.”

When Tyson initially began training for the Jones fight, Rowe advised a gradual approach to running drills. However, Tyson, known for his fierce determination, insisted on sprinting from the outset. This reluctance to ease into the workouts raised concerns about potential injuries, especially for an athlete of Tyson’s age.

Abel Sanchez, a renowned boxing trainer, echoed these concerns, emphasizing the importance of flexibility and caution in training routines. He noted that while sprint work is crucial for conditioning, Tyson’s lack of flexibility was evident in the video.

Despite differing opinions on Tyson’s running form, veteran trainers like Virgil Hunter and Aaron Snowell express confidence in Tyson’s preparation for the upcoming bout. Hunter believes that Tyson’s focus lies more on the effectiveness of his runs rather than adhering strictly to conventional form.

Snowell, who worked closely with Tyson in the 1980s, emphasized the significance of form and technique in enhancing speed and power. He acknowledged Tyson’s unwavering determination and work ethic, underscoring Tyson’s relentless pursuit of his goals.

As Tyson gears up to face an opponent three decades his junior, his commitment to training and his enduring legacy as a boxing icon continue to captivate fans and critics alike. While his running style may raise eyebrows, Tyson’s unparalleled drive and dedication remain undiminished.

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