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Stankevicius International Announces Sale of 23 Million Tonnes of Discounted USA Thermal Coal

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Stankevicius International
Stankevicius International

Stankevicius International is excited to announce the brokerage of an extensive quantity of 23 million tonnes of USA thermal coal, now available at a highly competitive price of $35 per metric tonne. This substantial offering presents a valuable opportunity for buyers seeking cost-effective and high-quality thermal coal.

The thermal coal is available on an EXW (Ex Works) basis, with options for CIF (Cost, Insurance, and Freight) available for an additional cost. Interested buyers can access detailed specifications and previous SGS inspection reports upon request.

Offer Highlights:

  • Product: USA Thermal Coal
  • Quantity: 23 million tonnes
  • Price: $35 per metric tonne
  • Availability: EXW basis, CIF options available at additional cost
  • Specifications: Detailed specs and previous SGS inspection reports available upon request

Stankevicius International, a leader in physical commodity trading, is committed to delivering high-quality resources to global markets. This latest brokerage deal emphasizes the company’s dedication to providing efficient and cost-effective solutions for the energy sector.

“This significant brokerage deal of 23 million tonnes of thermal coal at an unprecedented price highlights our ongoing commitment to supporting the global energy market. Our goal is to deliver not only top-quality products but also outstanding value to our clients,” said Paulius Stankevicius, CEO of Stankevicius International.

For Sales and Negotiations:
Stankevicius International Client Services
Email: business@stankeviciusinternational.com

About Stankevicius International:

Stankevicius International is a premier global brokerage firm specializing in the trade of physical commodities. Renowned for its efficiency, transparency, and quality, the company provides customized solutions to meet the diverse needs of clients across various sectors. With an extensive network and deep industry expertise, Stankevicius International ensures the delivery of exceptional value and service in the global commodities market.

For more information, visit www.stankeviciusinternational.com.

This press release is for informational purposes only and should not be interpreted as an offer to buy or sell any commodities.

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