After the US Department of Commerce blacklisted Huawei on Thursday (16th), Reuters quoted on Sunday that it had terminated some of its business with Huawei. This means that Huawei smartphone users outside of China will not be able to update the Android operating system; Huawei’s new mobile phones will not be able to use Google services such as Play Store and Gmail.

Reuters quoted the news as saying that Google has suspended the provision of “non-public source” updates for software and hardware products to Huawei. Huawei can only continue to use the “open source” Android operating system and related products. Google is still discussing the details of terminating services. However, it is certain that it will stop providing technical support to Huawei and terminate cooperation in Android and Google services.

The Verge, the US technology news network, reported on the same day that Google has terminated its direct business activities with Huawei based on the ban by the Ministry of Commerce.

If the news is true, Huawei mobile phones will not be able to update the Android operating system. What’s more, Huawei’s new mobile phones launched overseas will not be able to use Google services such as Play Store, Gmail and Google Map, which will seriously undermine Huawei’s competition in the smartphone market. force. Huawei has not responded to this for the time being.

US listed Huawei blacklist

Huawei and the subsequent two internal letter companies have been fully prepared to ensure that the operation is not affected by the extreme in extreme cases. Huawei’s president, Ren Zhengfei, responded to the incident on Saturday (18th), saying that he was ready to take the road of development alone. He pointed out: “There is no sale (chip to Huawei), we are ready.”

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