The artist, Charmaine, became popular in the mainland and the mainland because of the drama “Yanqi Raiders” which was aired in July last year. The aunt who successfully entered the mainland market often wants to go to both sides of the mainland. It is unknown whether or not the role of the traitor is “smack” so that the character is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Before she appeared at the airport, it attracted everyone’s attention. She even pointed out that her “airport look” was aggressive, the artist’s airport. Wearing it has become another fashion show venue in recent years. At first glance, the aunt’s “airport look” originally had three elements!

Earlier, the appearance of Auntie at the Shanghai Airport was to create a type of explosion look with a long black color, a black long coat and a pair of jeans, paired with a pair of black pointed short boots, wearing sunglasses, although light Sweeping the eyebrows, but it creates a clean and neat feeling, and has a domineering.

Auntie’s “airport look” is mostly inseparable from a few elements: a pair of boots, sunglasses and denim material, these three details actually help to create a feeling of style.

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