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Anna Stukkert with Dominique Busso at OniriQ Fashion Show in Paris

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In the center: Model Magda Swider (left), Dominique Busso (center), Anna Stukkert (right)

The OniriQ Fashion Show 2024, hosted in Paris on February 28th, has successfully established itself as a notable event in the global fashion circuit. This prestigious event, a collaboration with Forbes France, attracted prominent figures from the fashion industry, including the renowned entrepreneur and style icon Anna Stukkert. The show, held at the esteemed Bridge Club on Pont Alexander III, was more than a display of fashion; it was a grand celebration of the creativity and innovation of rising designers.

Anna Stukkert right with Designer Abeer Stouhi Glamoda left

Dominique Busso, CEO of Forbes France and Founder of OniriQ Magazine, shared his journey and the evolution of OniriQ. “Launching my magazine was doubted by many, but after a year and a half, 60 issues, and a successful fashion show, it’s clear we’re on the right path. This event is just the beginning of many more to come,” he stated, embodying the event’s triumphant essence.

The American musician and fashion entrepreneur Pharrell Williams has been named the creative director of Louis Vuitton menswear and on the cover of OniriQ Magazine with magazine ambassador Magda Swider

OniriQ Magazine, a creation of 360 Business Media, made its debut a year and a half ago. It brought a new perspective to the luxury domain, catering to an eclectic and sophisticated audience. The magazine emphasizes three core themes – Luxury, Art, and Pleasures – and aims to honor and celebrate the art of living, excellence, and exceptional craftsmanship across all luxury sectors. Prior to OniriQ, there was a noticeable gap in France for a magazine specializing in the luxury niche. Busso’s ambition was to fill this void with a unique publication, crafted by a French team proficient in themes of excellence.

Model Magda Swider

Starting as a quarterly publication, OniriQ quickly expanded its presence, both in print and online. This year, the magazine ventured into organizing its own fashion events, coinciding with Paris Fashion Week, offering emerging designers a platform to showcase their talent.

The fashion show spotlighted collections from three innovative designers: Glamoda Style, Maison Laurette, and Thalie Paris. Lebanese designer Abeer Stouhi, representing Glamoda Style, opened the event with a vibrant collection featuring khaki jumpsuits, striking red dresses, and chic black and white ensembles.

Maison Laurette, led by Laure Fessard, presented a remarkable hat collection, inspired by the timeless elegance of women from the 1920s and 1930s. The line exhibited a variety of shapes and materials, culminating in an exquisite bridal hat with a lace train.

Thalie Paris closed the show with its line of high-end, environmentally responsible leather goods. The models displayed bags embellished with pearls, vibrant red leather, feathers, and rhinestones, showcasing the brand’s commitment to luxury and sustainability.

The event transitioned into a cocktail reception and gala dinner, where attendees engaged in conversations about the show, networked, and explored new opportunities within the fashion sector.

For Dominique Busso, this fashion show signifies the dawn of a new chapter for OniriQ Magazine. His vision for the magazine is to become an integral part of the fashion world, shining a light on emerging talent and becoming an indispensable resource for aficionados of luxury, fashion, and art. Plans are underway for OniriQ to expand its international footprint, with discussions in progress for launching localized editions in various countries. The magazine is poised for its next big showcase at the Cannes Festival, promising more fashion extravaganzas and a continued celebration of upcoming designers.

The OniriQ Fashion Show 2024 in Paris, notably with Anna Stukkert’s participation who is an entrepreneur fashion icon and founder of International Investment Congress, has set a new benchmark in the fashion industry. It exemplifies the dynamic and ever-changing nature of fashion, underscoring the importance of supporting and celebrating fresh, diverse design talents.

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