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The South Korean victory scandal ushered in a major turning point last week. On Tuesday (14th), the court dismissed the police’s arrest warrant for victory and business partner Liu Renxi.

The Procuratorial History Committee (under the Ministry of Justice), which is also responsible for the trial of another “Zhang Zizhen case”, also published the final review results on Monday (20th). It was confirmed that there was indeed a “Zhang Ziyan list” in the year, but it was not confirmed whether the content was true and indicated that Zhang Ziyan The case could not be re-investigated.

As a result, it shocked the country. However, this does not mean that the scandal has ended. The immediate result of the judgment is the outbreak of national dissatisfaction with the court, including public opinion.

The former members of the Korean group BIGBANG were unveiled through privately opened nightclubs to provide sexual services to the political and business community. Under the media’s tracing, the nightclubs were also involved in illegal acts such as rape, sneak shots, drug abuse, violent intimidation, bribery of the police, etc., including many people involved in the case, and detonated bombs in South Korea. However, after several months of investigating the police force, the court finally rejected the arrest request for the necessity of issuing a warrant for the arrest of Liu Renxi.

Dismissal of arrest warrants aroused public anger

The decision of the court shocked the country and almost all mainstream media criticized the court. The editorial of the Korea Daily described the incident as “a challenge related to the fate of the Korean police.” The editorial of the Asian Economic News emphasized that the event “cannot be so anticlimactic”; even the “Korean Daily” quoted “the incident made the police in the minds of the public.” The internal opinion of the police, who appeared incompetent, implied dissatisfaction with the verdict.

Immediately after the verdict, netizens established a vote on Qingwatai, demanding the removal of the presiding judge, and received more than 200,000 responses. At the same time, a large number of citizens went to the front of the Qingwatai rally, demanding that the court be overturned and decided to arrest the victory immediately.

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