China-US trade disputes have become fierce, and the trading partners of the two countries are inevitably affected. Li Yuxi, Minister of Trade and Research of the South Korean Trade Association, pointed out that the current Sino-US trade war has already affected Korean companies, but China has a huge market and has good prospects for future development. Therefore, Korean companies will not give up the Chinese market.

In an interview with Xinhua News Agency, Li Yuxi pointed out that the deterioration of trade conditions has led to an increase in uncertainty about future economic development, and it has become more difficult for companies involved in global trade to make decisions.

Li Yuxi also pointed out that many Korean companies are now investing in factories in China, producing and selling products locally, and some products are also sold to third-party markets such as the United States. It is clear that the entire Korean business community is worried about trade wars, and Korean companies will Inevitably be affected, but I believe that trade tensions will not have a major impact on China-South Korea economic and trade exchanges.

Li Wei pointed out that in the face of trade tensions, corporate investment and personnel exchanges are still quite active.

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