Li Yahua Lan Yuwen

After the British Prime Minister Theresa May announced his resignation as chairman of the party and prime minister on June 7th (24th), his Conservative Party will elect a new party leader. Last Saturday (25th), there was another person competing for the position of leader, including former House of Commons leader Andrea Leadsom and former Brexit Minister Dominic Raab, increasing the number of people joining the group to 7. people.

Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt, International Development Minister Rory Stewart, former Foreign Minister Boris Johnson, former Retirement Protection Minister Esther McVey, and Health Minister Matt Hancock, both It has been shown to be interested in the Conservative Party leader.

Lan Yuwen, who supports Brexit, said that he does not want to leave the EU without agreement, but if the EU refuses to give in, he will have to choose this step.

Riyah also has similar views. She pointed out to the Sunday Times that “in order to succeed with the EU, you must be prepared to leave.”

Many British newspapers reported that Environment Minister Michael Gove expects to compete for the party leader on Sunday (26th). On Friday, he refused to state whether he would be the leader of the party on the grounds that the Prime Minister announced his resignation on the same day.

The Conservative Party leader is expected to elect a new leader at the end of July. Members can sign up for the election until the week of June 10. Wen Cuishan will continue to serve as the guardian prime minister until the successor is elected.

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