The American disaster giant “San Andreas” starred by Dwayne Johnson, but there is a stunning beauty in the face, with a pair of moving blue eyes, excellent body, following After the California Earthquake, I also worked with Divi Johnson on Baywatch, who is Alexandra Daddario!

Alexandra Daddario played Divi Johnson’s daughter in the California Earthquake, and she was very attractive when she appeared when she was sitting in a dress with Bichenny when calling Divi Johnson. On the bench next to the pool, but in the “California Earthquake” wearing Bikini, she is still not the most explosive, she has to keep on surviving the subsequent plot, she is going to the “Beach Save Team” Really the most performing!

Alexandra Daddario plays a new ambulance team in “The Beach Rescue Team”, which is specially designed for the madness of the madness, fitness, and bodybuilding, and is the same as the “God and Dance” male god Zac Efron. Brushing the love sparks, after the two people generously love, at an MTV awards ceremony, the conference deliberately arranged for the two to sit together, Alexandra Daddario also uploaded a photo of Zac Efron kissing her cheek on the Internet, very loving!

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