The China Securities Regulatory Commission pointed out that the Chinese-language exchange open-end index fund interoperability Chinese product referred to as the “Eastward ETF”, was established by the mainland fund manager in China and listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, and pointed out that it would be no less than 90%. Assets are invested in a single target ETF in Japan.

The Securities and Futures Commission spokesperson Gao Li pointed out that the Eastward ETF is in the form of qualified domestic institutional investors (QDII) to track the investment in the Nikkei 225 Index and the TOPIX Index. Essentially, the Eastward Investment ETF penetrates into the underlying assets, and the tracking is still an index component. Shares, in line with the principles and requirements of QDII-ETF decentralized investment. The next step of the CSRC will be to implement the ETF listing transaction in accordance with the principle of reciprocity.

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