At a time when Sino-US trade negotiations are deadlocked, the United States has blacklisted Chinese technology giant Huawei to restrict its access to American technology. At the same time, the United States is also considering blacklisting five other companies. The US media disclosed the names of the five companies.

Bloomberg reported on May 23 that the United States is considering listing defying technology, Zhejiang Dahua, Hikvision and two other companies on the “blacklist.” Another source said that the other two companies are Meiyabo and Keda.

The above sources also said that more Chinese companies may be included in the “entity list.” US companies cannot sell US technology to companies in the List without a special license.

The sources also said that the Trump administration is worried about these companies helping Beijing to oppress Uighurs in western China. They are also worried that Hikvision and Dahua’s cameras will be used for espionage purposes.

As early as the 21st, the US media broke the news that the United States is considering listing five Chinese companies on the same blacklist as Huawei, but the media only disclosed the names of the two companies, Hikvision and Zhejiang Dahua.

In response to relevant reports, Hikvision, Defiance Technology, and Science and Technology News have responded that they hope to receive open and fair treatment from the US government. Keda Xunfei also said that HKUST has already had countermeasures and alternatives for extreme situations, and even if extreme circumstances occur, it will not have a major impact on the daily operations of HKUST.

In response to the US government’s ban on Chinese companies, the Chinese Ministry of Commerce said that China has made solemn representations about the US measures.

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