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Biden plummet in the polls. How will the markets react now?

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Financial Markets React to Potential Shift in U.S. Presidential Race

The financial markets are beginning to respond to a significant shift in the U.S. presidential race. The June 27 debate between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump has influenced investors’ views, leading to notable changes in market behavior.

Changing Dynamics in the Presidential Race

President Biden’s performance during the debate, characterized by hesitations and stumbles, has shifted the momentum towards Trump. Recent polls show Trump leading by mid-single digits, raising questions about Biden’s future as the Democratic nominee.

This shift has created uncertainty among investors about the potential economic and market impacts of a second Trump presidency. Mark Malek, Chief Investment Officer at Siebert AdvisorNXT, observed that Trump’s rising poll numbers have prompted speculations about increased mid- to long-term inflation and a potentially slower economy.

Despite this uncertainty, the stock market has remained relatively stable. The S&P 500 has continued its gradual ascent, reaching record highs and gaining about 1.5% since the debate. However, the bond market has seen more significant movements, with the 10-year Treasury yield declining and the yield curve inversion deepening, signaling concerns about future economic stability.

Sector-Specific Implications

Bank of America’s Chief Investment Strategist, Michael Hartnett, has noted that a potential Trump victory could benefit sectors such as rates volatility, banks, and technology, while posing challenges for longer-dated bonds, homebuilders, renewable energy stocks, and emerging market currencies. This perspective is based on expectations of tax cut extensions and deregulatory policies under a Trump administration.

Inflation and Economic Policies

Inflation remains a critical issue for the Biden administration. The consumer price index has risen by over 19% during Biden’s tenure, compared to less than 8% during Trump’s presidency. This inflationary pressure has fueled debate and speculation about Biden’s capability to manage the economy effectively.

Polling and Predictions

PredictIt, a prediction market, currently shows Trump with a 59% chance of victory, while Biden’s chances of being the Democratic nominee stand at 56%. This fluctuating landscape underscores the ongoing uncertainty and the high stakes of the upcoming election.

Market Outlook and Strategic Implications

The potential return of Trump to the White House has led analysts to speculate about future economic policies. Ed Mills, Washington Policy Analyst for Raymond James, highlighted the market’s pricing of a Trump-led agenda, favoring financials and merger and acquisition activities. The possibility of more inflationary policies is also being closely monitored.

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