Li Ka-shing

The mainland has published an article from the media Delin Society recently, saying that Li Ka-shing, the founder of the Changhe Department, has not bought land in China for four years. Instead, he has been selling properties in mainland China and Hong Kong. In the past six years, he has sold more than 170 billion yuan (RMB. China-Hong Kong assets, Li Ka-shing, who claims to be “running the road”, has unconventional money-making secrets in China.

According to the article, as of the end of 2018, Li Ka-shing’s land bank in the Mainland and Hong Kong fell by 33% and 44% year-on-year. It also refers to Li Ka-shing’s shorting of China. The entire Cheung Kong Group has earned thousands of dollars through unspoken rules in China. Billion. The article continues to refer to a group of businessmen headed by Li Ka-shing, who enjoyed the dividend of China’s reform and opening up. In the process of China’s economic transformation and upgrading, it began to go crazy and leave. It is understandable that businessmen are profitable, but it is impossible for businessmen who use their unspoken rules to squander commercial credit and erode the foundation of the Chinese economy.

There are mainland articles commenting on the investment of the Yangtze River Group in the Mainland. The Yangtze River emphasizes that the Group’s investment in China is huge and it’s business development is diversified, covering real estate, energy, ports, retail, power plants and infrastructure.

Detailed investment situation in the Mainland

The Group also details the development of the real estate, energy, port and retail businesses in the Mainland, such as 56 office buildings, residential, shopping malls and hotels in 21 cities in the Mainland. At the same time, Husky Energy and CNOOC (0883) It holds a Tsuen Wan natural gas field project with an investment of about 40 billion yuan.

In addition, the Department of Electrical Energy (0006) has five power generation businesses in the Mainland, including power plants, thermal power plants and wind farms, with a total generating capacity of 2,898 MW. The total length of the toll roads and bridges in the Yangtze River Infrastructure (1038) in the Mainland is about 260 km; the three cement clinker production capacity in the Mainland is 3 million metric tons per year, and the grinding cement production capacity is 4 million metric tons.

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