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I believe that “Thunder” Chris Hemsworth is the god of everyone’s mind, although he became “Fat Thor” in “Avengers: Endgame”, but fans are His love has increased and decreased, and his intimate interaction with fans every time he attends public events can dissolve everyone’s heart, so many people think that he is “the man closest to God.” However, according to foreign media reports, Raytheon encountered a problem that mortals felt extremely fearful before. The street was awkward, and it was even more pointed out that Elsa Pataky, the black god, vinegar!

When Raytheon in Australia’s Byron Bay was photographed by foreign media and Liam Hemsworth went out to drink coffee, he even met the former Isabel Lucas. At that time, the three people stood outside the coffee shop and chatted. Everyone talked and laughed, and the atmosphere looked very harmonious. In fact, Raytheon and Isabel Lucas started to shoot in the Australian program “Home and Away” from 2005 to 2008. They both became Australians, and because they developed and became famous in Hollywood, they were accompanied by each other. Hard times.

When the news came out, some foreign media said that Mrs. Raytheon Elsa Pataky felt sad and jealous. The report said that Pataky had said that Patak had been with “Marvel Captain” Brie during the filming of “Avengers 4” by Raytheon. Larson is familiar with her husband and is worried that her husband will be taken away by the other side. However, there were reports yesterday that Pataky had absolutely no vinegar, all of which were media hype. In addition, the photo shows that Raytheon and Lucas both maintain three positions, and there is no embarrassing contact with this. The three people just left for a few minutes and left.

But if you are Raytheon, would you pick it up? Looking at Isabel Lucas and Elsa Pataky, both of them are blondes, but with different qualities. Isabel Lucas, 34, looks quiet. She was born in Melbourne, Australia, and later to Hollywood, she filmed the film Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and different Australian shows. Until 2016, she decided to move back to Australia to spend more time with her family. It is known that she had an anecdote with Jared Leto and Jake Gyllenhaal. She broke up with Australian singer Angus Stone in 2012 and is still single.

And Raytheon’s wife, Elsa Pataky, is older than Isabel, but she is 42 years old and she is very good in appearance or appearance. Pataky, born in Spain, is passionate and passionate about sports. She uploads Gym from her Instagram from time to time. And photos of yoga, it is known that Raytheon’s recently launched fitness app wife has a share. The two are more often photographed sweetly attending public events and photos of sunbathing at the beach. Every time Raytheon will take Pataky, and often upload photos of each other on Instagram.

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