The 2019 Taipei International Computer Show COMPUTEX will be on display at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall 1, Hall 2, Taipei World Trade Center Hall 1, and Taipei International Convention Center from May 28th to June 1st.

This year, AI & IoT (Artificial Wisdom & Internet of Things), 5G, Blockchain, Innovation and Innovation, E-sports and Extended Reality (Gaming & XR) have 5 major themes, with 5,508 booths, nearly 10 years higher than last year. %.

Focus on artificial intelligence and IoT applications

Focusing on artificial intelligence and IoT applications, COMPUTEX exhibited the “SmarTEX Special Exhibition” at the Nangang Exhibition Hall 2, which covers five applications including artificial intelligence and robotics, wear and health technology, smart home, smart transportation, and smart technology solutions.

According to IDC, the AI system expenditure will reach 79.2 billion US dollars in 2022, and the compound annual growth rate will reach 38% during 2018-2022. Including GIGABYTE, Leadtek Technology, Xunlian Technology, etc., will showcase AI server, AI technology notebook, AI cloud computing system, AI deep learning solution, AI face recognition engine, smart retail and so on.

This year, GIGABYTE has focused on the “5G Smart Life Circle” and presented three major digital convergence themes, including smart living, data centers and professional workstations, as well as solutions such as IoT agro-ecological boxes, smart mirrors and smart advertising machines.

The Internet of Things market is also growing rapidly. IDC estimates that business opportunities in more than 1 trillion US dollars in 2022, including companies such as Xunzhou Technology, Infineon Technologies, and Tianzhu Technology, showcase data economic solutions, Internet of Things cloud systems, and Internet of Things KIOSK. Smart chips, automotive IoT, and blockchain security devices.

Textile manufacturers also showcase smart medical wear solutions, including Juyang Industrial’s medical long-term smart clothing system for long-term care data tracking and fall detection; and Wanjiu Technology’s comprehensive function of power-saving wireless transmission The device integrates the heart rate, pace, and fitness tracker into the same device.

InnoVEX’s new growth of 20%, the first time to join the Polish, Brazilian National Pavilion

In the fourth year of the “InnoVEX Innovation and Innovation Zone”, it was exhibited for the first time at the World Trade Center 1. This year, it attracted 467 new exhibitors from 24 countries, which grew more than 20% compared with last year. This year, the national (regional) pavilion added Poland, Hong Kong, Hungary and Brazil for the first time; France, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Japan, South Korea, etc. continued to participate in the exhibition.

This year’s InnoVEX exhibition area emphasizes the complete industrial chain, multi-technology applications

And invited international venture capital, including Samsung NEXT, LINE, Mucker Capital, Xinyuan Capital, Delta Electronics, Zhongguancun, China Trust and Yongfeng Financial Holdings and other venture capital and enterprises, and new entrepreneurs to match, and promote more cooperation. This year’s Pitch will have total prize money of $420,000 and a maximum prize of $30,000 in cash.

COMPUTEX Forum, the gathering of various industry giants

The COMPUTEX Forum debuted at the Taipei International Convention Center on 28-29, and invited industry giants to explore quantum computing, blockchain applications, immersive experiences, digital avatars, self-driving cars, artificial intelligence (AI), and intelligent objects (AIoT). ) and other technology trends.

Industry leaders including Arm, NVIDIA, Siemens, Micron, Alibaba Cloud and Google share AI applications in all areas. NVIDIA will share how imaging software enhances medical imaging and provide more rapid diagnostic advice; Siemens talks about providing industry solutions through AI to optimize industrial performance; Microsoft’s global vice president shares innovation and opportunities in edge applications.

In addition, COMPUTEX also took the recent popular open source architecture RISC-V, and held a seminar at the World Trade Center Taipei in Taipei on the 29th to discuss the latest developments and developments of the RISC-V open architecture.

Ye Mingshui, secretary-general of the Foreign Trade Association, said that this year COMPUTEX can see the cross-border integration of technology, artificial intelligence and Internet of Things two technologies combined to generate a variety of smart applications, after the next 5G business transformation, will drive another wave of technological innovation.

and mature products. Including upstream from the IoT network operator UnaBiz, AI chip innovation ArchiTek; midstream has Hoomano “robot brain”, see the technology MR line of sight tracking module; downstream integrated application startups including Ambi Climate with Alexa, and Tokyo Electric Power Cooperation, Qiqi Technology, etc.

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