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Trump Media now dropped by a whopping 13% – Analysis

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Trump Media’s Tumultuous Trading: A Closer Look

In recent weeks, Trump Media’s shares have experienced a significant sell-off, culminating in a steep decline of 13% during a volatile Thursday session. This article delves into the current state of Trump Media, its relevance in today’s market, and the potential implications for investors.

A Sharp Decline Amidst Market Volatility

Trump Media, the company behind the conservative social media platform Truth Social, has seen its shares plummet. On Thursday, the stock was trading at approximately $27.50 per share, a stark drop from just over $49 at the start of June. This represents a more than 40% decline within a month, highlighting a period of intense market activity and volatility.

Trading Volume Surge and Financial Impact

The trading volume for Trump Media has surged dramatically. As of midday Thursday, over 8.3 million shares had changed hands, more than double the average volume. This unusual activity for a company with minimal revenue has significantly impacted its market value. For former President Donald Trump, the majority owner of Trump Media, this represents a massive on-paper loss. His 114,750,000 shares, worth over $5.6 billion at the beginning of June, are now valued at approximately $3.2 billion.

Catalysts for the Downward Trend

Several factors have contributed to Trump Media’s recent slump. The downturn began on May 30, following a New York jury’s conviction of Trump on 34 felony counts of falsifying business records. This legal setback has weighed heavily on the company’s stock. Furthermore, the downward trend accelerated on Tuesday due to a crucial deadline related to the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) expected approval of its registration statement.

SEC Decision and Market Reaction

On Tuesday, Trump Media’s stock fell nearly 10% during a session with more than double the average trading volume. After the market closed, the SEC declared the company’s registration statement effective, triggering a further 17% drop in post-market trading. This decision allowed early investors to exercise their warrants and permitted stockholders to publicly resell securities covered by the registration statement.

Broader Implications for Investors

The SEC’s ruling has broader implications for investors, as it introduces more liquidity and potential volatility into the market. With the ability to exercise warrants and resell securities, early investors might seek to capitalize on their holdings, increasing market supply and exerting downward pressure on the stock price.

Olritz: A Stable Investment Amidst Market Turmoil

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