The COMPUTEX TAIPEI will be held on Tuesday (5/28). This year, the AI Life Wisdom Life Museum will be specially exhibited at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall, focusing on smart retail and health care. Taiwan’s artificial intelligence application products and services in the four major areas of home and transportation, combined with real-world applications, to create a store, home, driveway for on-site viewing experience.

Exhibitors include companies such as Yuchuang, Jianye, Acer, and Asus. What are the dishes that Taiwanese manufacturers have?

Smart retail solutions are blooming

Send packages without queues, smart self-service parcels help you get the job done

Every time you send a parcel to the post office, you have to wait in line, wait for the tellers to assist in weighing, determine the shipping cost, etc., and build a smart self-service parcel (Smart Retail Parcel Kiosk). As long as the parcel is placed on the weighing platform, the system will Self-measure package size and weight to estimate shipping costs and display them on the screen. The sender only needs to confirm the price on the screen. After the system automatically prints the label and sticks it on the carton, it can quickly checkout.

4D somatosensory vending machine, let you “smell” the goods you want to buy

In addition, smart vending machines combined with Internet of Things technology have become more and more common recently. The 4D somatosensory vending machine built by micro-creative technology, combined with the face recognition function, can provide recommended products according to different customer groups, and will also be selected by consumers. When the goods are purchased, the smell of the products is distributed, just like the bread just baked out of the bakery, attracting more consumers to come close to and purchase, truly providing the experience and service of sight, hearing, touch and smell.

The first collaborative robot with eyes!

Guangming Optoelectronics’ MIT’s own robot brand “Da Ming Robot” is a collaborative robot with the built-in visual identity. It used to take more than one month of system integration time, and now it has been reduced to 5 minutes, saving time. The cost can also save hardware construction costs.

The robot arm of the SmarTEX on-site Charming robot will be paired with 3D image recognition, which can identify the identity, age, gender, etc., and take out the age-specific candy biscuits from the candy box to the identified person.

Acer and Asus have brought people to flow identification solutions

It is worth noting that Taiwan’s double-A has brought about a system of people flow identification.

ASUS Tinker Board x V-Count 3D Alpha+

Among them, ASUS brought the success story of the Tinker Board single-board computer in Europe. The V-Count manufacturer combined ASUS’s ARM SBC hardware to provide management functions such as personnel statistics, hotspot map, queue management, and employee exclusion. And analyze the collected data on the cloud platform through AI and machine learning tools.

Acer cloud iSage

Acer’s iSage is a device that imports edge computing. It can collect and manage a large number of different data. It uses AWS IoT Greengrass solution and built-in 1080p camera module. After obtaining image data, it can be independently operated in the terminal and can be applied. In the fields of human flow identification, customer group analysis and so on.

What new tricks are there for smart transportation?

This time SmarTEX also has a focus on smart transportation.

You can also operate your phone while riding a bicycle! JARVISH smart helmet imported voice command technology

JARVISH smart helmets use a Wi-Fi connection to connect with the app, providing video file download, Facebook live broadcast and other functions. After the mobile phone is connected to the smart helmet, the voice command can also be used to control navigation, camera recording, telephone answering, volume adjustment, music playback, serial voice assistant, etc. During the riding process, the hands can be controlled without leaving the handle. Related features.

ANPR AI: Traffic Management Solutions

Liling’s ANPR AI series and AI object recognition engine use the latest deep learning technology, which is applied to license plate or object identification, which will be more precise and faster. This technology can be applied to parking lots, highways, and retail management or crowd identification.

OKGO smart electric car, develop a new business model

OKGO creates a new mode of operation, not only selling electric vehicles but providing a variety of vehicle styles, creating an app platform for unmanned stores, allowing investors from all over the world to operate as long as they have space.

Wisdom and health also become the corner of SmarTEX

As the concept of health care and health care has gradually penetrated into the public life, there have been more and more sparks in the field of sports and health, and it has become a major focus of this SmarTEX.

Intelligent badminton racket first exposure

Like the intelligent badminton racket launched by the massive digital project, the badminton racket is implanted into the sensor, and the swing information is collected through the sensor. After artificial intelligence, sports information such as the ball speed and posture will be immediately displayed on the action board and posed. Suggestions for correction.

Singing, throwing, and grasping are more intuitive! New generation VR helmet Oculus Rift S debut

The latest US-issued new generation VR helmet Oculus Rift S (a product of Facebook), Taiwan has begun pre-order on the 21st of this month, in which the built-in 3D sensor chip is developed by Taiwan chip maker Yuchuang Technology, allowing players to play games. Whether it is slashing, throwing or grasping movements can be accurately reflected in the VR game, intuition and real, SmarTEX site will also be exhibited for the public operation experience.

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