Commercial 5G was first launched in Korea, and the United States quickly followed up. The UK also had 5G services. But so far, there have been no major changes in the application except for the fast speed. In fact, 5G has a lot of potentials, and there can be major innovations in entertainment. South Korea hopes to push K-pop to the world with the power of 5G.

“Central Daily News” visited Jin Yongjun, dean of the Korea Cultural Industry Promotion Agency (KOCCA). He pointed out that from the perspective of the music market, more than 70% of the current export volume is concentrated in China, Japan and Southeast Asia, and the scope can be expanded in the future.

Korean content industry exports rose 2.9 times in 10 years

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the establishment of KOCCA. During the period, the annual sales of the Korean content industry surged 1.7 times from 67 trillion won to 116 trillion won, and the export volume soared 2.9 times to 7.5 billion from 2.6 billion.

Jin Yongjun pointed out that KOCCA will use 83% of its budget to support the content industry. However, 80 to 90% of the industry is still operating in small businesses. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen commercial content and improve investment results. At present, South Korea is transitioning to the 5G era. He believes that the government must throw a brick to attract jade and promote private investment.

What can you see when investing in the 5G content industry? After the 5G commercial promotion in the future, the global Army (Bullet Youth Club fans club) can sing in a virtual concert. “At that time, society will realize a super-connected network. People can consume various video content in the form of transcending space in a super high-speed, ultra-short-latency, ultra-large-capacity network environment.”

K-pop drives K-man, K-beauty

Kim Yong-Jun also hopes that K-pop will bring about a “drop effect”, which will drive the other parts of the Korean Wave to spread outward so that the world will pay attention to various industries such as K-man and K-beauty.

KOCCA released the “Content Network Korea” blueprint and plans to establish an environment where people, people and society are connected to each other.

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