US President Donald Trump visited the UK for three days from Monday to Wednesday (June 3 to 5). On the eve of his arrival, White House National Security Adviser John Bolton was interviewed by the Daily Telegraph, saying that after the Brexit, he had the opportunity to become a “strong and independent country” with positive effects on the rest of the world. And plays a major role in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

Bolton is one of the officials of the hawkish position in the Trump administration. He said that the United States is inclined to support the British to comply with the demands of the people and to leave the EU. He said that in the victory of democracy, this is a lesson for everyone.

He said that the first step for the next prime minister of the UK to establish a closer relationship with the United States is to complete the Brexit process and to negotiate a new agreement with the United States. “(Trump) wants to reach a goal with the United Kingdom to make both countries Better agreements and the liberation of Britain from EU restrictions.”

He said that the United Kingdom has left the EU and the world and NATO have benefited. He said: “The UK will become an independent (European Union) country. The prospect of global influence in the UK is better than ever… (United States) has another strong and independent country (as an ally), I think this will be especially helpful. It is more efficient to go to NATO, and this must be beneficial.”

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